Homemade pancakes, fresh summer fruits and warm drizzled caramel; perfect way to start any day! #Delicious


  • Burger and Lobster!

I don’t have to say much, because the name states the obvious but if you know me/ have read my blog before; I love a good lobster – grilled or steamed in the shell and of course a lobster roll! – Yum. As a non-meat (excl. chicken) eater, I can’t say I’ve tried the burger but then again who goes to “Burger and Lobster” and orders the everyday (every resturant) burger; with that said, I really quite enjoy lobster! Accompanied by a tin of fresh cut fries and pre-dressed salad and lets not forget the garlic butter sauce, I highly recommend this place. With only 2 things on the menu, its pretty straight forward so if you’re into lobster (or burger), and haven’t tried it yet; get yourself down to your nearest Burger and Lobster!  



Summer Summer Summer Time…


I LOVE Summer, mainly due to the SUN but also because of the obvious above; ICE CREAM! Ice Cream man/van Ice cream that is! Cone, rainbow sprinkles, strawberry sauce and a classic flake- Yes!

Cake Cake Cake


The indulgence is not only in eating the cake, but actually baking!

Another Day, Another Smoothie…


An Avocado…Thannksss!

FullSizeRender (1)

If you know, you know!

And as for the avocados, I don’t how you can not love them!

So yes this post is just to say “I love avocados” and that I do not rate anyone who does not share the same feeling. Plus, this is a cool pic!

Ohh and to make reference to the video of the kid that went viral; of him unwrapping his presents, one being an avocado and his reaction! An avocado…thannkkss! I love it! Mostly because he was so grateful for such a basic gift and also because personally, I think its an ideal present! – Can’t go wring really!


A Smoothie A Day Keeps the Doctor Away!



As summer approaches, so does the urgent desire to have that “bikini bod” and the need to look “summer-time-fine”; so I am sure I’m not the only one who is eating healthier, detoxing and exercising more with the promise of feeling good!

Although I am yet to start (maybe) the completely green detox juices/smoothies, I have jumped on the green drink bandwagon- I’m just mixing it slightly more and cutting out the kale! I know, I know, its a superfood and all and probably one of the most vital ingredients but I can’t- It’s just tastes awful. I’ll stick to the spinach and banana for now thanks! #GoingGreen

When you watch too much Master Chef in one week…


…As a foodie, I love cooking and baking just as much as I love eating! And when I get carried away watching Master Chef, inspiration takes over and I think i’m a professional chef!

This simple yet oh-so-tasty dish consisted of an olive oil brushed roasted red pepper, stuffed with honey infused spicy curry lentils and tender green beans, accompanied by rosemary dusted roast potatoes, a side of garlic mayonnaise and dots of sun-dried tomatoes pesto!



Hands done the best breakfast I’ve had in a while. And it was a buffet; all you could eat, all included! I couldn’t get enough. Well, until I did! And I was full for pretty much the rest of the day! Thats why after 11am its considered “brunch” and you simply just don’t eat again until 5pm! #UndercoverFatty

There was fresh fruit and juices, cereal in abundance, an array of bread to be toasted or eaten as, smoothies in tall skinny shot glasses, a trays off pastries and breakfast muffins. As well as a table full of hot dishes fit for an English fry up and lets not forget the extended menu of prepared plates of food; hence the pancakes and Eggs Benedict; the list goes on…Like I said, it was amazing! Put it this way, they don’t say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” for nothing!


Multicoloured Bagels and ish..

When they talk about fashion and being alternative they mean the David Bowies, Lady Gagas, Susie Bubbles and Jeremy Scotts but when they talk about food and being alternative this is what they meant…And if they remade Breakfast at Tiffany’s I’m sure this multicoloured bagel would make its Hollywood debut!



Admittedly, these bagels looked rather odd at a first glance; (just like alternative fashion) for the obvious reasons of confusion (also like alternative fashion), but with that second (or fifth) look, it really is something spectacular! Its hard to tell what the baker (and fashion designer alike) was going for. Is it sweet or is it savoury? (is it cool and quirky?) Is it flavoured and artificial? Full of E numbers or super foods? (Statement making, attention seeking, or just out right fashionable and trendy?) And the underlining question; how? How did they do it? Just, how? Quite literally; “food for thought” -wouldn’t you say? (The same goes for fashion and how certain looks get pulled off? Especially the weird and “alternative” ones?)

But back to bagels, I still do not have an answer to that questions, however I can tell you that all the colourful swirls aside, it tasted like a regular plain bagel. No added flavours (to which I was happy about) and no confusion of taste nor an imprint of colour(s) left on my tongue. So all in all a pretty amazing bagel, considering it looked super cool! Far from your average bagel yet it tasted exactly like your average bagel-its a win, win! This is where my inner nerd meets my inner fatty- I mean foodie! And I love it! I mean how can you go wrong when food looks and tastes so good! (At a second glance, that is!)  #FoodPorn

Posh Pretty Plates.

…A trip out of town, well more like to a town (from the big city). A small spa town to be precise! A getaway lets say. A getaway to Malvern Spa and a great getaway it was! Just for a couple of days, I escaped to the countryside, up North (from London) to the place with the Malvern Hills to enjoy some well deserved relaxation time in the saunas, steam and thermo power jet pools of The Malvern Spa.

Anyway, the reason for the post is to discuss food. It doesn’t get better nor simpler than FOOD! Then again, these posh pretty plates were intended to fulfil desires beyond “simple”! So lets just stick with Food! (and in the meantime, click here to read more about he Spa break) So yes, my point was all to do with the eating part of the trip. As much as it was a surprise, it was a delightful one. (The quality and presentation of the food that is, not that we were fed at all. That in itself is always an expectation)!

From fine dining at dinner to equally as fine at breakfast, I enjoyed every encounter I had with food! The pan fried scallops came in a much larger quantity than I ever imagined from such posh plates. Laid around a fresh pickled salad and topped with homemade tortilla chips, I quite enjoyed the starters. Followed by pan fried trout on a just as large plate- and pretty presentation of course, I thought the scoop of crushed olive potatoes topped with a bed of baby spinach wouldn’t be enough, but I was proved wrong. The veggie mix/ roasted tomato sauce was also a nice finish that actually helped me finish up and wipe the plate clean. Having given up cheese for the 40 days and 40 nights of lent, I was unable to enjoy the goat’s cheese and caramelised red onion tartlet (mmm) that say opposite me; on a bed of rocket (glad I missed that part) and drizzled with a balsamic dressing! Then morning came and breakfast saw those large white plates again; this time complete with an overbearing portion of smoked salmon (not complaining) topped with scrambled eggs and a lemon wedge! All in all; yum! For such a good deal and the spa package too, who am I to complain! It was delightful!






MUNCHIES: The best chicken and waffles I’ve tasted!


…Ok, so its the only chicken and waffles I’ve tasted -[YET], nevertheless it was a pretty good first encounter. Either it really was that good or it was the munchies talking. Oh, and the Mac’n’Cheese was also delicious; the right balance of cheesy, creamy and altogether yum!

Munchies or no munchies, if you are in Amsterdam and want some good food its worth stopping by at Cut Throat; Barber shop, bar and restaurant. Random I know, but hey thats what makes it cool!

Posh Breakfast!



Where the beans did not come from a tin and tatse like fresh tomatoes…

Where the toasts is oh so buttery, and at your service in brown or white…

Where the table is layed with a fresh selection of bitesize pastries…

Where the orange juice is freshly squeezed and where your coffee cup is continously filled up…

…that’s the Harrods Georgian styled tea room for you!

A step up from a crossiant and a coffee in a take away cup wouldn’t you say?

#Breakfast At Tiffany’s

My Kinda Cheescake!

FullSizeRender-2No words. Just Cake!

If you’re like me and quite indecisive (especially when it comes to cake), this is the perfect solution to all your sweet-tooth, cake loving, dessert obsessed problems! This is the definition of “Having your Cake AND Eating it too” I mean why choose one flavour, when you can have them all!

Rooftop Dining….

…Where a tasty lobster roll and classy cocktails are involved, you can not go wrong! As of late, I am obsessed with lobster. Grilled lobster. Lobster roll. Lobster smothered in garlic butter sauce. You name it; I’m obsessed. I mean as a seafood lover, you really can not go wrong when it comes to lobster. After trailing the new “It” places to dine; both  Burger and Lobster  and Steak and Lobster, as well as Bali’s hot spot for seafood and famous grilled lobster at Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Indonesia and not to mention the fancy Great Gatsby themed diner; Steam and Rye in one of London’s business districts; Monument/Bank, where the lobster brioche bun is to die for; I had to try the lobster dog at Madison Rooftop Bar and Restaurant in St. Paul’s!

Of course it was delicious and I certainly cleaned my plate, [well, chopping board!] Served with fresh cut fries, seasonal salad, cream coleslaw and crispy sweet onions; the lobster dog was definitely the right choice. Admittedly, its not the best lobster I’ve tasted; but like I said, I’ve has a lot of lobster lately; however it was well seasoned and tasted great. I enjoyed it! And hey, I’ll be back. #Yum!


Who said Chocolate Cake wasn’t healthy?! 

Having seen this on my favourite social platform (yes, Instagram) I had to screen shot it. I mean who wouldn’t want this saved on their phone and perhaps set as a screensaver?! Its like a dream come true; mouthwatering chocolate cake, drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce and it contains 5 of your 5 a day– amazing! Time to get sourcing ingredients and throwing the apron back on. #bake


Oh so Cheesy 

Starters. I never thought I’d say it but I actually quite liked this baked camembert dish. Served with grilled flatbread and flavoured with rosemary and garlic cloves, this posh starters was rather tasty. Almost like a cheese fondue, the bread dipping, novelty dish is perfect for sharing.

FullSizeRender 4

Say Cheeeese!

Fancy some cheesecake? I did. For those with a sweet tooth or just a thing for desserts, you’ll understand what its like to have a craving, followed by the need to tend to it. Yes, mines was cheesecake and conveniently with the ingredients at hand; the Madagascan vanilla infused mascarpone and cream went down a treat, topped over a crushed digestive honey base. Yum.


A piece of cake! 

With an addiction to cake, obsession with flavours and appetite to try new things, I baked my very first ginger cake. From a midday craving to an experimental loaf; I quickly found an intriguing recipe, took a trip to Tesco and gave it a go.

Compared to my regular home bakes; I’ve got to say; this one was an unusual one. With half the ingredients mixed in a saucepan then brought to a boil, egg-free and baked for an hour on a low heat, the sticky spiced ginger cake’s recipe seemed somewhat bazaar. Nevertheless, as new to me as the method was, the outcome was just as worthwhile. Yum yum yum!

Dreaming of…

…the flavours of South America. From street food and middle of the day snacks to full blown meals, I’m dreaming of food, food and more food! After spending four months in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Colombia, I can’t help but reminisce and take my mind back to the food! With new cultures to embrace, strangers surrounding me, language barriers and missing loved ones back at home, sometimes, eating was the best part of my day- I mean who doesn’t look forward to food? Good food too!

The exotic fruits and flavours, unusual combinations and mouthwatering dishes are one of the main reasons I love to travel; because experiencing food is just as exciting as experiencing the country itself-sometimes better!

Fish and seafood are always at the top of my list, but I especially liked Moqueca; a Bahian (Northern Brazil) coconut milk based fish stew. Slow cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander and palm oil, the seafood and boneless fish tasted exquisite. I also loved the local shallow fried fish and yuca (cassava) served in a paper bag on the beach in Cartagena, Colombia-simple yet amazing! Yum, yum, yum! Another favourite plate I became obsessed with was Colombia’s seasoned grilled fish served with delicious coconut rice and twice fried plantain- mmmmm!

My main addiction however, was Brazil’s favourite berry; acai! Puréed, frozen and served in a bowl or cup with granola and honey, I could not get enough. Sometimes I’d have it more than once a day- obsessed much? The best bit was that acai is so healthy and good for you, it didn’t matter how much I ate!- at least that’s what I told myself. Now, almost 3 months back, it’s time to stop depriving myself and locate some good Brazilian acai in London.

Let the games begin…

Food Crush!


I don’t know where this photo was taken, who took it or where i can find the food in it, but i do know that i need it on my plate and preferably soon. Like most of the things i find myself dreaming about, I found this mouth-watering shot on Instagram and now I’m adamant to taste it. Avocado mousse topped with what looks like seasoned steamed shrimps, cherry tomatoes and parsley, drizzled with a light cocktail sauce and dusted with either paprika or chilli powder; its definitely my kind of food. Yum, yum, yum!

Ive never had a food wish list but if i did this would be the first thing on it. In fact I’m just going to find the recipe, because truth be told, I don’t have patience for seeking out the dish. So, it might not look exactly the same, but i am hoping it will at least taste as good as this photo looks! Here goes…

It doesn’t have to be Pancake Day!


Suddenly I’m addicted to pancakes. Sweet and savoury. Made with chocolate chips, toffee chunks, banana or plane jane. Topped with fruit, scrambled eggs or drizzles of maple syrup -you name it, I’ve had  it. To tell the truth, I have  always loved pancakes; you’d be crazy not to, but since being brought back Aunty Jemima from the States; I’m living the American Dream!

Dessert Party!



A pause from the fashion trends, I decided to start a new trend. A sweet tooth, sugar rush, choco-holic kind of trend! After a year of feeling stressed, it was time to more than just “turn that frown upside down”, its time to start reading and spelling backwards. Did you know “desserts” is “stressed” spelt backwards. OOH YHH.

With this said, a few weeks ago I hosted my first dessert party. Full of cake, tarts, sugar topped ramekins and yep, more cake; it was a diabetic coma waiting to happen. As nice as all the desserts were, it was defiantly one of those days. A right -off (from diet) kinda day. Try fitting into a slim fit LBD, crop top or any summer-time-fine body cons now!

The BEST Cupcakes is New York City.

If you are ever around the fabulous City that is New York and your someone with a sweet tooth or just appreciates a good cake, then “George town Cupcakes” is the place to be. Its situated in NY’s kool and quirky; Soho and believe me once you’ve had just one bite, you’ll know your in the right place. Not too sweet, nor too heavy, but lite, fluffy and delicious, its definitely worth putting on the ‘to do list’!

The best in NYC

The best in NYC

coconut and cookies and creme

coconut and cookies and creme

What better way to start my food posts, than with dessert?!


Finished beauties …mmm

Half way there

First attempt

First attempt-step 1

Thanks to the best room mates in the world, I was bought a blow torch for cooking, and I love it. Best present ever!!! So i figured it was about time I actually used it. I’d never tried Crème brûlée before, but always wanted to, so that is exactly what I did. First time I made it, I was pretty impressed with myself, the second time however, it just wasn’t as nice. It wasn’t bad, but i guess my first attempt was beginners luck!

Chocolate souffle

Chocolate souffle

Ok so this one I didn’t make but it was too delicious and too perfect not to snap up. If you have never tried GU chocolate souffle, you are truly missing out. This is the start of something beautiful, so watch this space for more luxurious desserts and pretty plates of food.


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