The views begin; View from the top

The views begin; View from the top

BE INSPIRED…I was. As per usual I came across this image (well a similar one) on my favourite visual inspirational platform; yes thats right, Instagram; and now I’m hooked. At first I attempted to start a View from the top “challenge”- to which i intended to take a photo from above, exploring the “view from the top” daily, for a week. But also as per usual, life goes on and naturally i just forgot. “Challenge” failed. Nevertheless the ones to which I did remember to capture can be seen below (first few). Furthermore, in the coming days, weeks and months I will try to upload as many different views as i can.

I do think that the photographs captured are quite fascinating and visually stimulating; since they raise compelling questions. Where was the photo taken? What is being worn? Designer? Non-desinger? What is the occasion? What does the top half look like?…The series of questions that run through ones mind goes on. However, the uncertainty together with the abstract imagery is what I admire most. The literal incompletion of every photo is ironically what visually completes each snap shot  (if that makes sense). Given that I am jetting off in a matter of days, this should be interesting. So let the exotic, tropical and cultural snapping begin.

  1. Like it, kind of like a my-eye-view of what I’m wearing … I like doing similar photographing trees so that I get the trunk in shot and the lovely canopy … very creative, and good idea … Cheers DC

    • Thanks. I was inspired by someone else myself, I will take a look at yours too.

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