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…So its been a long summer, well a jam packed one and now I’m finally getting around to uploading it all. So watch this space!


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I was there, yet I myself am still speechless!

With that said, I won’t distract from the amazing shot above with a hundred words. After all, A photo is worth a thousand words and I am sure you’ll agree with me when I say that this particular view is worth a couple of thousand words. Unspoken words that is!- Undoubtedly when it comes to Mother Nature, this is the best and only kind!


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As summer approaches, so does the urgent desire to have that “bikini bod” and the need to look “summer-time-fine”; so I am sure I’m not the only one who is eating healthier, detoxing and exercising more with the promise of feeling good!

Although I am yet to start (maybe) the completely green detox juices/smoothies, I have jumped on the green drink bandwagon- I’m just mixing it slightly more and cutting out the kale! I know, I know, its a superfood and all and probably one of the most vital ingredients but I can’t- It’s just tastes awful. I’ll stick to the spinach and banana for now thanks! #GoingGreen

So  I know its been a while (a long long while) but I’m back and so is the VFTT. After almost a year of not having travelled any where, I thought it was time for a break a way- in the Sun of course. A lover of all things exotic, culture and beautiful landscape, I spent 10 amazing days in Bali, Indonesia. After my trip to Thailand in 2013, I know i’d be back to South-East Asia in no time and with only 10 days to spare this time, I know i’ll be back again.

Capturing moments, experiences and tropical element; through vibrant colours, nature and pre-summer time vibes; these View From the Top shots are just a snippet of my first trip to Bali.

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So, I’ve had “Go see The Northern Lights” on my bucket list for as long as i can remember, therefore its inevitable that i will go some day, however all the signs are telling me to go sooner. The lights look amazing, somewhat breathtaking i’d imagine but as well as the main attraction, lately there have been a few other elements drawing me closer and closer in to one of two winter wonderlands. Yes, you can see The Northern Lights from about ten different places around the world, including Alaska, Canada, Norway and Denmark, however there are two specific destinations that stand out to me.

Iceland and Finland; two places I never thought I’d say “let’s go” nevertheless, in relation to seeing one of my “Wonders of the world”-The Northern Lights, these countries are currently the top contenders. Iceland is attracting me because of the Blue Lagoon (geothermal pool) and Finland for its glass igloos. Surrounded by snow, the contrast of the natural hot water spa would be like heaven, not only because I’m pro-heat but because it looks amazing. Outdoors in a bikini in the snow, yet relaxing in a hot pool provided by mother nature, whats not to love. Then again, the glass igloos look super cool and quirky. More to the point, its just a different experience, again-what’s not to love.

Admittedly, as much as I want to see The Northern Lights i am quite terrified of one major thing; the cold! I’m not a snow lover, no no no. Furthermore, I’ve always said that I would never pay to go somewhere colder than I already am and living in this typical British weather, I’d rather not up and leave to somewhere with far lower degrees. Having said that, there are so many signs telling me to stop being a baby and just go. #yolo. From recently and more frequently being faced with imagery of The Northern Lights on social networks, to people I know going, talking to customers who have coincidentally been and a newspaper article that caught my eye; its like The Northern Lights are haunting me. This is defiantly a sign. So come rain, shine or (i hate to say it) snow, Im going to go. From being on the list to now a highlight on the list, the next decision is whether I go to Iceland or Finland. Time to get researching!

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IMG_5448Its been a little while but the journey of the view from the top continues.

So the snap shots might not be as exotic as they have been, but I’ve got to say, i am rather surprised with this weather. Its actually been some what decent. Maybe its because I’m not used to spending my entire summer in the UK, but I never actually thought I could have my legs out 5 days in a row. Its kind of bittersweet; Im impressed with the “typical British weather” but I’d still rather be else where-sippping on a cocktail in my bikini without a worry in the world.

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