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So I caved. Bought another Marc Jacobs bag. This time its a pretty little pink one. Well when i say ‘little’, i mean tiny. Every time i look at it i’m sure it shrinks a bit and then a bit more. Nevertheless, its too adorable not to love. And hey, so long asĀ  it fits my phone, keys, pass, purse and of course some food, then its my kind of bag. Whats more it is perfect for a little pop of colour. Bring on spring/ summer 13.

These days i am really feeling the colour orange. Its definitely my summer shade and it is going to be more than just a pop of colour in the coming months. Well that is if we get a summer.

With that said and with one day until June, the sun finally decides to grace us with its presence. Lets just hope it stays this time and lasts more than 48 hours because it is time to get summer time fine!

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