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For a while now I have had my eye on Sophia Webster and everything she is about. Granted, her designs can be weird and wacky, but they are also very unique, creative, quirky and fun. Plus, you need a bit of weird and wacky for that statement shoe!

Based on how different Webster is as a shoe designer, together with originality that comes through season after season, I always thought I’d go Sophia Webster when I went for that statement pair of designer shoes. And I think that specific time is fast approaching!

The above design is not so weird and wacky per se, however they are certainly different and quite the statement piece. The khaki geometric aztec pattern is pretty cool (finished in calf hair might I add) and made all the more interesting with the clear insert placed just before the metallic pink pointed toe. The cylinder shaped 4″ heel is also perfect; its not too typically stiletto nor is it your classic “thick heel”; its the perfect combination of both, and at just the right height too! The entire ensemble is the epitome of unique when it comes to the style of female footwear- and I love love love it!


FullSizeRender (11)

Sometimes its ok to let go and give in to your heart’s desire. Even if it is your materialist heart’s desire. Life is too short, so if you really want something, go after it – even if it is Louboutins, Manolos, Sophia Websters or Rockstud Valentinos!

After all, if you can’t treat yourself, who canThats my moto anyway!


…Sometimes its not all about the high heels, designer shoes and 5-inch stilettos. Only sometimes!

So a few weeks ago I decided I wanted a new pair of trainers because like I said; its not everyday designer heels! Anyway, long story short, I wanted some comfy-everyday-flat footwear and these are what I ended up with. Naturally I am not a trainers kind of girl, however the odd few pairs that I have invested in over recent years, I’ve loved! And hey, they’re practical too! Well, so I’ve heard.

Usually it takes me a while to decide on a pair of trainers, but I’d never even seen these Air Maxs before I bought them. It was more of an; I need trainers >> I’ll go look >> I’ll get these; kind of situation. Nevertheless, I had a successful shopping trip. I got new trainers-Check. They’re different and unique-Check. I haven’t seen anyone else with them (Yet)- Check. I love the colour- Check. They’ll go with most outfits-Check. And hey, I love ’em- Check, check, check!


My kind of “me time”.

As well as window shopping, actual shopping and being able to indulge in a delicious cake (or any dessert for that matter); art, galleries and exhibitons are also a part of my safe heaven. Especially abstract art, photography, impressionism, modern art and of course-anything fashion related.

As one of my favourite galleries, here are some pieces i found most interesting from my last visit to the Saatchi.




We’ve all been there, done that and as a result, know how much it sucks. It’s ok from time to time, just don’t let it become a habit because that’s when it becomes a problem. I’d rather have the confessions of a shopaholic than regret of a sensible person! Wouldn’t you? With summer drawing to an end so are the sales, and if it already hasn’t AW collections are about to hit the stores.

So history doesn’t repeat itself, keep an eye out for that winter favourite, because it’ll be gone in a flash. With that said, some stores still have final clearance sales, so if an item you’ve had your eyes on is still up for grabs, go grab it while you still can or the ghost of fashions past will be on a new haunt! Just saying! 

pick of the day

Pick of the day

Just because. Just because its different. Just because its original and just because I think its cool. From your typical supermarket shopping trolley to your not so typical, probably not so comfortable chair; comes what i can only assume is a piece of art.

As unique and as fun as this novelty is, i can’t imagine a less comfortable seat, therefore it has to be art. The product design is rather clever but the function is not-not without a cushion (or three) anyway. Nevertheless, the transformation process is quite obvious, making it more aesthetically pleasing to look at -if nothing else.


Coming from Brazil where the merchandise is far less authentic, I went a little crazy when I got to Peru. From traditional stripped gringo trousers, the cutest fabric backpacks, alpaca jumpers, blankets, scarfs and socks to pretty patterned purses, quirky leather handbags and funky footwear; I’ve become obsessed. I mean how can I not? Everything is so awesome. The bright colours. The cool textiles. The unbelievably soft baby lama apparel. The unique patterns. The authentic essence. I love it all and I can not get enough.

So I’ve gone passed denial and reached acceptance now, because since landing in Peru I haven’t managed to walk through a single textiles market and not buy a thing. After holding back my shopping addiction for 10 weeks, I’ve well and truly had a relapse- now I have no control. So yes, I’ve become a market junkie.

I’m not quite sure why or how I’ve gone back to embracing my inner shopaholic; it’s not like I’ve been able to walk into Zara, Topshop or Selfridges in the past 3 months. Nevertheless, I now have two pieces of extra luggage filled with South American goodies and I can’t wait to get home and utilise them all. I’m actually quite looking forward to summer in the UK. With less than 3 weeks to go; bring it on!

So its been a week since high street retailer, Debenhams brought the plus size model to the British high street. As controversial as this subject is, especially when it comes to fashion, what does everybody think? For years now, “size zero” has been the ultimate portrayal of beauty. But i’m sure many will agree with me, when i say this is not true. Yes, it is what we all “look up to”, but this is only because the media, the high street and the catwalk has led us to believe this.

Walk down any high street, through any town centre and around any shopping mall, what do you see? Every single window display and in-store visual merchandise presents the female body as a n average size 8-10. When in fact, ( I learnt something new here too), the average dress size amongst women in Britain is actually a size 16. Yes Sixteen. Not a 12, not a 14, but 3 sizes above general representation; a size 16.

From Topshop, to Zara, to M&S, to H&M, to Selfridges and so on, all mannequins were alike. Until last week when retail giant, Debenhams thought big and bold; by introducing the plus size model to the British high street; through the contrasting use of size 16 mannequins. Whilst this retail department store have made the change, will it be considered a trend setter, a phase or a bright idea in a black and white world; not taken seriously.

Lets face it, when it comes to the term “the bigger, the better” the fashion industry only take it so far. It only becomes literal with imagination, elaboration and frills. Yes, back In 2010 Mark Fast incorporated plus size models into his Spring Summer show, down the runway at London Fashion week, and Yes, Karl Lagerfeld half-heartedly apologised for calling Adele “Fat”, but when will we ever truly accepted the “different”.

Admittedly, i am of the smaller variety, but there is nothing wrong with embracing the curves or being that much bigger than everyone else. I should know, I come from a family of the 3 Bs; Big (hips), Boobs and Bums. I always thought: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”. So what good is it, if you do not “got it“, what you gonna flaunt then? -Just saying.

John Lewis 8

Selfridges 6

With the holiday season creeping up on us; every retailer, department store, magazine stand and waffle cart along Oxford Street have put up their creative lights, sparkly tinsel and fancy baubles to embrace this festive time of year. Having said this, there are only 2 retailers that caught my eye and are really doing it for me. Naturally, Selfrideges are in the running, because let’s face it; that’s what they do all year round. Therefore the most magical time of year is not going to be any different; and if it is, it is most defiantly going to be better-different. Moving on and about 700 yards up the road, John Lewis have pulled out all the stops to draw in every onlooker this Christmas.

From the luxury haven that brought the big yellow iconic paper bag to the high street to the family-feel department store that brought us the “most adored” Christmas TV ad of the noughties; the two retailers battle for 2013’s window display lime light. Having previously been the street’s main attraction, Selfrideges’s ooh so famous window displays experience some competition as more and more passer-byers stop to snap the windows at John Lewis on London’s Oxford street.

Personally, I love Selfridges’s artistic flare; and like most; I have always adored their creative efforts, but taking the bus through Oxford street everyday, twice a day; to and from work I am guilty to having looked and loved else where. John Lewis have done well. The retail giant has demonstrated creativity like no other. Using the simplest household utilities that include; hairbrushes, kettles, cleaning tool, hovers…(the list goes on), John Lewis have created festive creatures and sceneries to fill the display windows across their central London branch. The outcomes are absolutely amazing. Having said this and going back to the big and the yellow; Selfridges, implement snowy and Christmasy scenes throughout. Masses of ginger bread, fake snow, even more play dough, a giant YSL clutch and a snow globe that I could fit in; are just some of the fascinating props used within the famous ground floor display windows at Selfridges.

The busiest shopping district in the Capital is about to get even busier, as the Christmas rush starts. But who will get the most ratings, hash tags, likes and recognition from behind the glass, amongst the hundreds and thousands that pass through Oxford street snapping away this Christmas.

Its that time again…Marc Jacobs time…ooh yhh!

Having being caught up in uni work and needing to save for the next chapter in my life; Traveling, I have tried not to spend so much money. For me the only way to do that, is by not looking. But now that I have finished my degree and I am free as a bird, I have too much time to just look. So I think its about time i made a new purchase. These new Marc’s are adorable, stylish and perfect for summer. As with all things Marc Jacob’s, I love them. Although I can’t quite decide on what colour yet, I do know that one of my next pay days, its on!

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