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Admittedly, I am a lover of all things Minion and naturally; as a fashion enthusiast; i’m obsessed with shoes. Particularly those with a heel and designer label-guilty. However, ironically these Rupert Sanderson Limited edition, Minion inspired court shoes, are not doing it for me. Yes, they are quirky and cool, just not the statement piece for me. I’m all for a good statement piece, and whilst that may consist of a colour pop and the weird and wonderful; I reckon these are just a step too far for me.

With that said, if money was not object and I had a few trendy/edgy places to go to, I could make it work. I can see them being pulled off, with either a black or white knee length shift dress, or an equally mono-chrome ensemble of skinny jeans, a crop top and long sleeveless blazer. Having just visualised the above, i’m kind of, sort of, maybe changing my mind about these bazaar shoes! With the right outfit and of course the right place to go; they’re not half bad. #MinionNation.

John Lewis 8

Selfridges 6

With the holiday season creeping up on us; every retailer, department store, magazine stand and waffle cart along Oxford Street have put up their creative lights, sparkly tinsel and fancy baubles to embrace this festive time of year. Having said this, there are only 2 retailers that caught my eye and are really doing it for me. Naturally, Selfrideges are in the running, because let’s face it; that’s what they do all year round. Therefore the most magical time of year is not going to be any different; and if it is, it is most defiantly going to be better-different. Moving on and about 700 yards up the road, John Lewis have pulled out all the stops to draw in every onlooker this Christmas.

From the luxury haven that brought the big yellow iconic paper bag to the high street to the family-feel department store that brought us the “most adored” Christmas TV ad of the noughties; the two retailers battle for 2013’s window display lime light. Having previously been the street’s main attraction, Selfrideges’s ooh so famous window displays experience some competition as more and more passer-byers stop to snap the windows at John Lewis on London’s Oxford street.

Personally, I love Selfridges’s artistic flare; and like most; I have always adored their creative efforts, but taking the bus through Oxford street everyday, twice a day; to and from work I am guilty to having looked and loved else where. John Lewis have done well. The retail giant has demonstrated creativity like no other. Using the simplest household utilities that include; hairbrushes, kettles, cleaning tool, hovers…(the list goes on), John Lewis have created festive creatures and sceneries to fill the display windows across their central London branch. The outcomes are absolutely amazing. Having said this and going back to the big and the yellow; Selfridges, implement snowy and Christmasy scenes throughout. Masses of ginger bread, fake snow, even more play dough, a giant YSL clutch and a snow globe that I could fit in; are just some of the fascinating props used within the famous ground floor display windows at Selfridges.

The busiest shopping district in the Capital is about to get even busier, as the Christmas rush starts. But who will get the most ratings, hash tags, likes and recognition from behind the glass, amongst the hundreds and thousands that pass through Oxford street snapping away this Christmas.

Its that time again…Marc Jacobs time…ooh yhh!

Having being caught up in uni work and needing to save for the next chapter in my life; Traveling, I have tried not to spend so much money. For me the only way to do that, is by not looking. But now that I have finished my degree and I am free as a bird, I have too much time to just look. So I think its about time i made a new purchase. These new Marc’s are adorable, stylish and perfect for summer. As with all things Marc Jacob’s, I love them. Although I can’t quite decide on what colour yet, I do know that one of my next pay days, its on!

The Perfect Diet Coke

The Perfect Diet Coke

My dedication to Marc Jacobs has me buying Diet Coke. I don’t even drink Coke. Even as one who always take the sugar-free, less fat, diet, lite, extra lite and what ever has the least calories option; Diet Coke has never really floated my boat. But celebrating 30 years of the sugarless Brown fizz (Diet Coke) and with Marc Jacobs as the new creative director, I was not about to walk passed these limited edition beauties without picking one or two or three up!

There are 3 different designs, one for each decade that Diet Coke has graced us with its presence; 80s, 90s and 00s. Personally, as a 90s baby, this one is of course my fav and just because its the nicest!

For some reason i want this one

For some reason i want this one

Its that “time” of year again. Literally. New watch season, and I love it. Of course i had to be the first to trail and test these new Marc Jacob’s watches. After all, where Marc is, I follow closely behind. Whilst I may have recently purchased A Michael Kors watch, I was torn and I am destined for a Marc by Marc watch, but had a last minute change of heart when it came to the rose gold beauty.

It is defiantly time to invest in a mini Marc. They are all too cute, to leave behind. But which one will it be?

Made from leather, these bright strap watches are perfect for summer and whats more, they feel so nice on. For some reason recently I’ve had this “thing” for orange but then that pink and rose gold link watch is too cute to say no to.

I will have to wait and see what my trip to New York brings. That and my finances of course. But if all fails, I’ve still got a connection in the business. #cheeky grin

New Marc by Marc Jacobs collection I know I am insanely obsessed with Marc Jacobs, but this new Classic Q collection actually hurt my eyes when i walked pasted it on my way to work today. Yes I love it, but admittedly it is a little bright. Nevertheless the brighter pantone has come just in time for SS13, so despite this horrible weather that is not yet Spring nor Summer, there quite literally is a “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Mr Selfridge, ITV, Sundays at 9pm

Mr Selfridge, ITV, Sundays at 9pm

So did anyone else watch Mr.selfridge last night? – The new ITV drama about how the American successor; Harry Gordon Selfridge came to England, noticed a gap in the fashion market, and filled it with the glory that is Selfridges today! –Just like that!

Set in the early 1900s and based on fashion of course, it’s an interesting watch. (Especially for some one like me, who has never been keen on watching things set too far “back in the day”). As a fashion student and lover of the ‘big yellow bag’ I felt obliged.

I mean just finding out how to start a successful business is good enough for me, never mind the fact we are talking about the world’s finest department store (to which so happened to be one of my favorite stores) AND the best bit of all, I get to sit in bed and watch it rather than trail through “how to” books!

On the other hand, I did read up on Mr. Selfridge afterwards and it turns out that in the Great Depression he lost his fortune and ended up riding the BUS around London.

NOTE TO SELF: when I get my name on a plaque and take up an entire block in the heart of London, make sure it stays that way and DO NOT let it go!!!

just a few of 'little yellow bags' acquired in the past few months.

just a few of ‘little yellow bags’ acquired in the past few months.

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