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dsc_0200-2So I might not be an American nor do I get a public holiday, but I can still appreciate, remember, celebrate and acknowledge; the man, the Christian, the leader, the nonviolent civil rights activist and the great; that was Martin Luther King. As a child I was told about Martin Luther King Jr and his movement from a young age (at home); I was told about his honour, his persona, his heart, his fight (non physical of course) and most of all; I was told about his DREAM.

Ironically with this week’s agenda; Friday 20th Jan 2017 in particular (Trump’s inauguration *shakes head*); my next point is somewhat invalid. However, lets not forget that for the last 8 year – Yes, 2 Terms- we’ve had a black man in the White House. The leader of the Free World was an African-American. The President of the United States (again, for eight years) was a man of colour. For that we owe more than just thanks or a single day to remember Martin Luther King. Without great leaders like MLK we would not be as we are today.

In 2011 the MLK memorial was built and opened to the public. Lucky for me I was not only in the U.S at the time but I also happened to go to Washington D.C. Thus, I had the pleasure of visiting such amazing and deeply touching memorial- so today I dug this [pictured] out to share!

Although celebrated on the third Monday of Jan (to accommodate your typical public holiday), King’s birthday is actually on the 15th (yesterday) – Happy belated birthday Martin Luther King Jr!

1957-1968, and today in 2017 his spirit lives on. Happy MLK Day!

…A first. As a fashion focused/art/travel/ food kind of blog, I’ve rarely publish post outside of the lines; so this “F” is for a “first”. A first time film feature. It just so happens that there are a few more F Words involved. Yep-Fast and Furious, well in this case just Furious. Given that Furious 7 has been out for over a week now and not to mention the non-stop press around the action-packed film sequel; I have decided to give my 2 pennies worth as well.

Figures show that in just 10 days, the 7th film of the Fast and Furious Franchise has hit box office highs and already breaks the record; becoming the highest grossing sequel yet. This may be in Fast and Furious terms, but in general the movie has broken US Box Office records; bringing in over $143m in the opening weekend; making it the biggest April opening ever and 9th largest opening weekend of all times! On a global scale,  the franchise can account for an additional $240.4m-making Furious 7 the 4th biggest worldwide launch; coming in behind 2 Harry Potter movies and Avengers Assemble. Bet you didn’t think Vin Diesel and his team would be so popular.

The movies itself was crazy. With cars falling out of the sky, driving off of cliffs and flying from penthouse apartments to neighbouring buildings-also by car; the 7th Fast and Furious movie, was full of unrealistic and over the top stunts. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the drama; because it created a sense of excitement and thrill. However, a lot of it was far beyond realistic. As the late Paul Walker states in the film; “Car’s don’t fly” -except unsurprisingly in this movie they did.

Despite Paul Walker’s tragic death half way through the filming of Furious 7, the directors and producers did an amazing job finishing the movie. Using 2 of Walker’s brothers and CGI editing, the show went on. So much so, that the change over in actors was extremely discrete; to the point it went unnoticed for many in the audience. I knew one of Walkers’ brothers had filled in and shot the remainder of the film, however I was awaiting the change over throughout the entire screening; not realising he was replaced about half way through. With this said, Paul Walker’s exit was also done very tastefully. Rather than killing off the beloved character, the role of Brian O’conner was “retired”. As the only one with a wife and kids, his character had no place in any further epic adventures or daredevil missions. At the end, we see O’conner playing with his family on the beach, while Dominic Toretto and his team watch on, talking amongst themselves about O’conner’s place “at home”. This also relates to Paul Walker and his place in resting. The end was emotional and had me welling up as the Wiz Khalifa (ft Charlie Puth) song; See You Again, plays and a tribute to Paul Walker ends the film. Before reading “For Paul”, we see Paul Walker’s character from the very first film right through to the 7th one. The song itself is also quite emotional; if you haven’t heard it yet, do take a listen-better yet, watch the music video. 

I have to say, this was what made the movie for me. Regardless of all the unrealistic action that had me thinking “yeah right”, the beautiful tribute that ended the film, made it all worth it. RIP Paul Walker.

Aged 82 and having battled with cancer for a decade, gown extraordinaire, Oscar De La Renta died yesterday. As one of the designers that put New York on the map in the 70s and 80s, the man who dressed several first ladies and even more famous figures on the red carpet and some down the isle, De La Renta will surly be missed.


Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in spain, De La Renta worked with Cristobal Balenciaga and Elizabeth Arden before starting his own label in Manhattan in 1965. The fashion icon who’s approach was to make a woman “feel her best”, won awards for his amazing bridal collections and was considered “King of the Evening”. De La Renta never did anything by halves. He was a true contributor to high fashion as well as bridal wear and will never be forgotten.

amal alamuddin

Clooney’s wife; Amal Alamuddin and De La Renta [right]

Just weeks ago he put on a fabulous show at New York Fashion Week and more recently, dressed George Clooney’s new bride. Due to his exquisite designs that left you somewhat speechless and his elegant approach, he was a personal favourite of mines. Every design was so unique, beautiful and well thought through. From every layer of lace, every floral pattern and every sequin sewed on to every section of embroidery and every fit and flare; Oscar De La Renta’s collections were both flawless and faultless every single time. Whenever a beautifully immaculate, jaw-dropping and standout gown was worn down the runway, red carpet, awards ceremony or inaugural ball; you knew when it was a De La Renta dress, without reading the caption. His designs were statement-making yet in a discrete and elegant way. Everything about his work was beautiful and i loved it (still do). You can’t not admire his work. He truly is a legendary designer.

To the man who battled with cancer for 10 years and didn’t let it knock him down; Rest In Peace Oscar De La Renta.

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