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As an art buff, I appreciate most artistic efforts. However, I will forever be obsessed with abstract art in particular. The vibrant colours, outrageous shapes, exaggerated lines, original themes and insane ideas are far more interesting then those of perfectly normal, classic and traditional influences from fine art. Don’t get me wrong; as I said; I appreciate and have been inspired by the classics, but abstract art is definitely more me.

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So I caved. Bought another Marc Jacobs bag. This time its a pretty little pink one. Well when i say ‘little’, i mean tiny. Every time i look at it i’m sure it shrinks a bit and then a bit more. Nevertheless, its too adorable not to love. And hey, so long as  it fits my phone, keys, pass, purse and of course some food, then its my kind of bag. Whats more it is perfect for a little pop of colour. Bring on spring/ summer 13.

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