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As much as “I heart NY”, may heart also belongs in a designer bag. Currently on a cheeky trip to New York, I came across these BEAUTIES, in the city’s most luxurious shopping district; Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue! With block after block of designer flagships, I knew I was in the right place. Now in this concrete jungle, I’m just waiting for ” my dreams to comes true” so I can purchase a bag or five!

Mr Selfridge, ITV, Sundays at 9pm

Mr Selfridge, ITV, Sundays at 9pm

So did anyone else watch Mr.selfridge last night? – The new ITV drama about how the American successor; Harry Gordon Selfridge came to England, noticed a gap in the fashion market, and filled it with the glory that is Selfridges today! –Just like that!

Set in the early 1900s and based on fashion of course, it’s an interesting watch. (Especially for some one like me, who has never been keen on watching things set too far “back in the day”). As a fashion student and lover of the ‘big yellow bag’ I felt obliged.

I mean just finding out how to start a successful business is good enough for me, never mind the fact we are talking about the world’s finest department store (to which so happened to be one of my favorite stores) AND the best bit of all, I get to sit in bed and watch it rather than trail through “how to” books!

On the other hand, I did read up on Mr. Selfridge afterwards and it turns out that in the Great Depression he lost his fortune and ended up riding the BUS around London.

NOTE TO SELF: when I get my name on a plaque and take up an entire block in the heart of London, make sure it stays that way and DO NOT let it go!!!

just a few of 'little yellow bags' acquired in the past few months.

just a few of ‘little yellow bags’ acquired in the past few months.

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