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These days i am really feeling the colour orange. Its definitely my summer shade and it is going to be more than just a pop of colour in the coming months. Well that is if we get a summer.

With that said and with one day until June, the sun finally decides to grace us with its presence. Lets just hope it stays this time and lasts more than 48 hours because it is time to get summer time fine!

So it seems student finance did contribute to my education. Along with tailoring sheers, a measuring tape and a variety of sketch books later; as a fashion student i have accumulated quite a few books. Yes some of them may be unread, but they have all been opened and the pretty pictures have definitely been looked. 3 years , 3 homes, the life between 2 cities and plenty of alcohol later, my journey as a student is coming to an end. As much as i will miss the discount, the funding and the random meals of student life, the feeling of having finally finished my degree is even better. I am freeeeee! After living in transit between London and Manchester so long , I finally get to go home for good. #homesweethome

The Secret is out

The Secret is out

Its time to start taking a liking to pink, saving for that perfect matching set and taking under ware seriously, because Victoria’s Secret is coming to Manchester. Where 2 separate stores once were, the world’s sexiest brand is knocking through walls and taking over; as the angels open the North’s very first Victoria Secrets in the Trafford centre.


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