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For LCM (London collection: Men), this AW collection by Sibling is a bazar one. As quirky, unusual and non-traditional the fashion industry is today, this does not surprise me. Furthermore, as quite a controversial brand, Sibling have showcased similar ranges before- just a lot less pink. Looking very Nicki Manaj and even more Barbie-like, this collection almost out does Jeremy Scott and Moschino when it comes to weird, whacky and extravagant.

Despite the amount of head-turners a man would get wearing any of this down the road, it is fashion after all. Alternative fashion, yes. Nevertheless, crazy and original is whats making the headlines- and hey, thats what fashion is about right?! Topman or Zara for men might not be in a hurry to recreate high street versions of this collection, but someone will be. #watchthisspace

Back to black. After 5 days of endless designer shows across the capital, London Fashion Week presents a rather black outlook for Autumn/ Winter 2014. Whilst some catwalks showed off some colour, the consensus seemed to be pretty monochrome. Season after season, fashion week after fashion week and trend after trend; the world of fashion sees a colour take to both the runway and the high street, as the “new black”. However A/W 14 looks like it is going back to basics, as black takes over. Nevertheless, with such fashion evolution, digital design technology, alternative styles and twenty-first century influences, LFW exhibits ‘black’ as anything but “basic”!

Whilst there is nothing wrong with “classic black” and keeping things some what traditional, the designers of LFW prove that going ‘back to black’ is far from basic and show black in its most fashionable form.

Established in 2012, AW 14 is Simongao’s first Fashion Week. Simongao’s AW collection saw a majority of all black and all white outfits take to the runway, with some browns and greys in between the monochromes.

KTZ also kept it very mono chrome, for both the menswear and womenswear collections.

Whilst Simone Rocha introduced a pop of colour to the runway with completely red and mustard ensembles, the majority of her collection consisted of sole black outfits.

Fashion East presented a bit more colour throughout their AW show. Whilst pale tones of lime green, power pink and summer blues took to the runway, the common theme of black and white still took centre stage. However, unlike most of designer collections where B&W did appear as a duo, it was a subtler monochrome with bright whites over powering the minimal use of black.

Christopher Kane strikes again. Although this season’s collection strayed from bright colours and elaborate patterns and print that breath Kane, this AW saw sprinkles of colour in a mass of black. Creative black never the less. Following the black trend, Christopher Kane’s missing signature pattern and print was made up in texture, shape and structure. Fan like structures created by layers upon layers, bazaar structured sleeves and ruffled puffy synthetics made Kane’s AW 14 collection one to remember.

From velvets, wools and furs Tom Ford’s show also saw plenty of black ensembles sashayed down the runway, along side a few reds and browns.

Erdem’s show also explored plenty of luxurious velvet and his trade mark patterns were adapted through laser cut delicate designs, jacquard style material and quadrilateral sheers.

Pringle of Scotland remained simple yet elegant, as AW 14 brings in neat and tidy knits. Again keeping with the monochrome theme, however introducing a slightly lighter mood with more whites paired with less black.

John Rocha’s elaborate ruffles and one of a kind designs truly made an impression on this fashion week’s catwalk. All black but far from the ordinary and nothing like “classic black”.

Todd Lynn’s AW 14 collection remained consistent with dark theme; models wore all black down a just as black runway; exploring shadow to complete the dark feel that is AW.

Amanda Wakeley’s show saw creative panels, delicate sheers, thick waste belts and head to toe outfits take to the runway, as well as baggy and over sized outer wear to compete the AW look, also representing black as the “new black”.


keep calm only one week to go

Its that time of year again, well the first for 2014. Nevertheless the capital’s most fashionable week is almost back. Yes, thats right; London Fashion Week is only a week away. Kick starting on Valentine’s day, the week’s events begins at the BFC Courtyard Show Space with J. JS Lee’s show.

With the weather being typically British; extremely wet and horribly cold; February 14th and the days that follow, will certainly be fit for the season; as the catwalks feature amazing new designs and up and coming trends for Autumn/ Winter 2014.

As well as his fabulous collection that took the runway not only once, but twice at London Fashion week; Giles Deacon is also collaborating with furniture retailer, DFS to create unique sofa master pieces. Below is the first design of the 2-part “Lipgloss” furniture series. The next extraordinary Giles creation will be launched in February 2014 and I’m already excited.

Having been fortunate enough to preview the first sofa at LFW; it is evident that Giles’ unique style and creative flare correlates across; from catwalk-to-couch. Through abstract art and graphics, this limited edition sofa is a statement piece that brings a sense of fashion into the household; with a dash of kool and quirky. The bold mono-chrome theme is a perfect contrast combo beneath the vibrant red lips: ‘black and white’ enough to fit in with any living room, yet diverse enough to stand out. Furthermore, the random placement of said red lips is what completes the sofa, makes it so fabulously distinctive and so very Giles.

With London Fashion Week having come to an end, these are a selection of the last set of ‘street fashion’ photographs before the weekend; to which London Fashion Weekend commences. As live footage from the catwalk played on a large screen outside the quirky establishment, avid fashionistas gathered in the rain, huddled under umbrellas to witness the last few shows on the runway.

Many were dressed from top-to-toe in vintage clothing, where as others were pulling off entire designer outfits and the latter were representing the high street. Statement necklaces and hand held clutches seemed to be trending across the day, along with a contrast of bright colours paired with the muted tones of black and brown; to stand out enough amongst the crowds, yet dark enough to fit in with the winter “feel”!

Although I missed the weekend’s events, I was back to Summer Somerset House this afternoon; to snap up some more of London’s fabulous dressers, as well as others that do not fall into the “fabulous” category, yet still have an interesting sense of style . With the weather playing havoc; changing its mind every 10 minutes, from sunshine to pouring rain; visitors were dressed in contrasting attire. From summer dresses, pastel pallets, sun hats and short sleeves -to- long (winter) coats, furs, turtle necks and balaclavas; today really brought a mixed bunch. But hey, thats what Fashion Week is all about right? Mixing it up with classic, stylish and alternative fashion! Bring on Day 5.

Having spent a few hours at London’s Summer Set House; I snapped up some unique ‘street fashion’. Today opened my eyes to a whole new world. A whole new world of fascinating fashion wear and interesting dress sense. Whilst some of the outfits I very much admired, I also found that others were more unusual than desirable. But I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything less from the one of the capital’s most exciting, quirky and fabulous weeks of the year. The day did not only bring bright colours to clothing but quite a few people were rocking brightly dyed hair. Suits of matching top and bottoms; from blazers/trousers, shorts/blazers to crop tops/ trousers; were also pretty popular at LFW day 1.

As London Fashion Week approaches, NYFW draws to an end. After spending hours online; admiring, dreaming and adding to my wish list; I have chosen a few of my favourites from the runway!

With the colour orange being a summer favourite of mine, I am happy to announce that the ooh so bright and vibrant tone remains in the colour pallet for Spring Summer 2014. And I can not wait. For me, Monique Ihuiller does this best; with her crop top and maxi skirt combinations, plus I am absolutely loving the orange and pink combo that completes the collection.

Looking very Carrie Bradshaw, another personal favourite is Delpozo . He is definitely doing it for me this season (SS14), with all those fabulous gowns; also taking the form a crop top+skirt kind-of-dress. AAA-MAZING!

Noon by Noor SS14 is going for the casual glam look; with pencil skirts, jump suits and maxi dresses. Not my kind of casual; because lets face it, you need money and status to dress like that and for it to still be considered some what casual; yet still glamourous enough to step on to the red carpet.

Alexander Wang is also going for “casual” this time down the runway. He also keeps it relatively mono chrome with his ‘Parental Advisory’ theme. Different. Nonetheless I love it.

Naeem Khan has also left a lasting impression on me this year, with what I can only describe as a 3-piece; red and white patterned ensemble. This specific outfit that took the runway, features a bando, high-waisted shorts and a matching robe-like-kimono-type “over coat”. Despite my lack of real words for his design, Khan’s simple, unique and sexy, yet some what classy ensemble is a definite favourite. I will certainly be looking out for the high street equivalent.

Leaving summer behind, and as we are forced into coats, jackets, hats and scarfs; I am just counting down the days until  winter is over. Bring on SS14!

As London fashion week approaches; everyone who is important, once was important and perhaps wants to be important; picks out the specifics for the weeks’s events. From handbag selection, arrays of accessories, the daily “look”, and trends intending to follow or set to entire outfits and back up outfits for fear of being upstaged. Yes, being upstaged is considered valid grounds for changing an outfit, reevaluating it and changing it again; especially if you are one of the less important people seeking a title, or just a female with the prerogative to change your mind 5 times a day.

Howeverrrr…Lets not forget due to London’s recent display of “typical British weather”; reconsideration may be down to one other thing. Rain. With worries of ruining an item of clothing, pair of shoes or god forbid an entire outfit; by getting it wet or worse shoving a rain mac over it; why risk it?

Wait for a better day, or at least a day with minimal possibility of rain. I mean why risk losing the red soles of your Louboutins to wet pavements or having to walk around with soggy fur all day, or horribly damp and uncomfortable jeans; with a day that claims to be a 60-percent-chance-of-rain-kind-of-day, knowing tomorrow is a rain-free day. So it may be ten degrees colder but the term “no pain, no gain” in reference to fashion, does not mean go flaunt your stuff even if it is pouring with rain, but to “grin and bare it” for fashion’s sake. When your teeth are chattering, your arms have  goose bumps and your nipples are starting to show; all the while, wondering why you never wore a jacket and wishing you had tights in your bag; you might not be so disheartened given that your lack of sensible clothing makes up in character and compliments. Lots of compliments, because let’s face it; who at fashion week was ever remembered for the way they done up their coat buttons, wore a wooly hat and covered up every inch of their body?

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