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My Little White Dress

My Little White Dress

Graduation Gown

Graduation Gown

Its been a while…but I’m back…

After all my travels and adventures across the globe in Thailand (plus a cheeky 3 days in Malaysia), I am back. Back home to the UK and now (as of yesterday) having graduated from the University of Manchester with a first class degree, I am actually home. back in London. For good! (well until next time!)

So its back on. Back to exploring and being a tourist in my own city. Last summer brought the Olympics, sporty fashion, arty mascotts around London, thousands of tourists and their individual dress sense and lets not forget; my favourite; all those funky charity telephone boxes-also plotted around the capital.

Already the weather seems to be better than last “summer”, so lets pray it stays and brings a lot more fashion, craziness and fun. Bring on Summer 2013 I say!

Whilst Thailand proved to have its ups and downs it was without a doubt Aaaa-mazzzing!
So watch this space for more “f word” posts and finally back to my regualr updates!

As much as “I heart NY”, may heart also belongs in a designer bag. Currently on a cheeky trip to New York, I came across these BEAUTIES, in the city’s most luxurious shopping district; Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue! With block after block of designer flagships, I knew I was in the right place. Now in this concrete jungle, I’m just waiting for ” my dreams to comes true” so I can purchase a bag or five!

Back to the days when i used to do Photography, these are some of my snaps.

I really enjoyed it, particularly Fashion and nature. I hope to take the art back up again one day. For now, its just a hobby. Ok maybe a bit of an obsession. Put it this way, on a day trip, night out or even dinner date, I am the one snapping away; taking pictures left, right and centre. I mean after all a picture is worth a thousand words, so what better way is there to document life? Photographs are what capture those treasured moments and present a memory. And that is what i love most about photography. The memory captured in a frame.

Featuring my beautiful sister, gorgeous brother, cousin and fabulous friend, these Photos were the result of a project back in college. # flash back.

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