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Despite the fact I am an avid traveler, I have never done the whole “backpack” thing. Yet. As much as I love to see new places, embrace and experience different cultures and surroundings, I always told myself I wasn’t the backpacking kind. Emphasis on the BACKPACK. I am more of a hand bag and heels kinda gal, so the idea of any kind of ruck sack did not appeal to me. At all! Even though I always knew I wanted to travel and go from one place to another; week-by-week and day-by-day; whether it is a plane, train, boat, bus or automobile; I always imagined myself pulling my big pink suitcase behind me. Not a large RUCK SACK, that’s more than half my size.

Ignorance aside, I have come to face the truth, the harsh reality and to do the right thing. Yep, I did it. I bought a damn back pack. And it makes its debut in 2 days. As excited as I am to hit south-east Asia, I am scared for my back. Can you believe it? Of all the horror stories, dirty hostels, creepy crawlies, foreign ghettos and weird food; the thing I fear most is the health of my poor back and also what an idiot I am going to look like with that thing strapped to me. I’m hoping it’s not going to be on my back for too long at a time, but then again, I am an ity-bity thing, so just making it down 4 flights of stairs to the front door is going to be enough for me. So wish me luck!

Whilst I am leaving my Marc Jacobs bags, Louboutins and pretty pink suit case behind, I still plan to be as fabulous as ever. Who knows I may pick up some more designer goodies on my travels. So I say, let the games begin….

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