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FullSizeRender-3…These Nike Huaraches are aaa-mazzz-iiinng! I never thought I’d be so pro trainers but these days I’m opting for the comfort of a good pair of kicks on a night out, rather than arch aching killer heels. Do not get me wrong, I will forever be obsessed with fabulous shoes; especially when it comes to a pair of designer heels that I’ve been eyeing up for months, while I save/ spontenous splurge; however you simple can not go wrong with practicality and comfy reliable footware. Plus, these particular trainers are gorgeous! Yes I said it! They are amazing; the colour, suede mix, style, petite little size…you name it; the perfect pair of Huaraches! #WishList


When its time to invest in some Manolos, this is where I’ll start!

Where shoes are concerned, I love love love suede. Also, the structure is cool and quirky yet simple and elegant at the same time- right up my street! The red colour pop is fabulous too. All in all, these will be the perfect addition to my designer shoe collection! #WishList

Admittedly, as much as I love designer shoes, Manolo Blahniks were never my first choice. However, having watched Carrie Bradshaw and shoe obsession (Manolo Blahniks in particular) for years; I have slowly yet surely been convinced. Thus, several re-runs of Sex and the City later; I decided I wanted a pair and now I’ve found that pair, so WILL eventually invest! And hey, as a fashion enthusiast, its only right to own such. So whether they’re a staple or statement, classic or seasonal; a pair of Manolo Blahniks (heels of course!) are a wardrobe must. #WatchThisSpace


From fabulous footwear to swanky nail polish, Christian Louboutin will also launch a fancy lipstick range to add to his expanding beauty collection. Available in 38 shades, there will be plenty of choice. Including your timeless reds, seasonal brights, stand-out colour pops, your subtle under-tones and nudey hues; it seems you’ll be able to match your Loubou footwear with your Loubou lippy!

As well as a mixed colour pallet, the Louboutin lipsticks will also come in a mixture of 3 intensities. From colour intentse Velvet Matte to a much softer Sheer Voile, with a Satin Finish in between; theres a luxurious lipstick for every occasion!

Just like the Louboutin nail varnishes, the casing alone is glamorous enough to make you want it. And priced at £60 each, they are most definitely desirable pieces to add to your “It” beauty collection or if you’re like me; it will be enough to just have it (to look at). So get saving, because the Louboutin lipstick range will make its debut in September!!

This is just a brief summary of some of my favourite and most intersting pics from last night’s 56th Grammy awards.

To start with; OMG. Have you seen Madonna’s son David? That cutie she adopted from Africa all those years ago. When did he get so big? Where has the time gone? Anyway, long-story short, he grew up. “Madonna and child”, looked quite adorable in their matching Ralph Lauren suits. As smart as he looked and as manly as she looked, I still can not believe how much he has grown up.

Having seen many bumps on the Golden Globes’ red carpet, the Grammys followed closely in fashion with yummy-mummy-to-be; Ciara-also looking radiant in a gold Pucci gown; as she showed off her baby bump on the red carpet.

Also like the Golden Globes, the Grammys saw a lot of red on the red carpet; with Tamar Braxton and Pink pulling it off the best (in my opinion anyway). Seen separately, the pair looked stunning in their sexy red number. But if I had to chose, I’d definitely say that Tamar wore it better. If anyone can make red on the red carpet work, its her (so far, in 2014 anyway).

Last but certainly not least; Katy Perry. Keeping it strictly music based, she looked pretty unique in her whimsical, fairy-godmother-type dress by Valentino. As interesting as it was, she did look amazing and very fit for the theme.

Mini me: Madonna and child (David) in Ralph Lauren

Mini me: Madonna and child (David) in Ralph Lauren

Yummy Mummy to be: Ciara in Pucci

Yummy Mummy to be: Ciara in Pucci

pretty in red: Pink and Carey Hart

pretty in red: Pink and Carey Hart

Fabulous: Tamar Braxton

Fabulous: Tamar Braxton

Fit for the theme: Katy Perry in Valentino

Fit for the theme: Katy Perry in Valentino

Its the award ceremony season; after the Golden Globes, SAG awards and the BAFTA nominations; its time for the stars of the music industry to make their impression on the red carpet. Entertaining a tough crowd and hosting an eventful weekend, Beverly Hills saw yet another wave of celebrities dressed to impress.

Clive Davis’s annual pre-Grammy gala saw Miley Cyrus in a different light; a-fully-clothed-even-had-a-big-fur-coat-on-kinda-light. Ri Ri went for the less clothed look; showing off a lot of chest and leg; nevertheless she did look fabulous. Taylor Swift looked ooh so glamourous in her sparkly LBD. Jennifer Hudson never fails to amaze us; also in a little black dress-one to which showed off her curves and added quirky pop of colour. As always, Pharrell looked mighty dapper walking along side his new wife and so did John Legend and his lady. However, the couple that did it for me was our favourite man, Robin Thicke and his gorgeous wife, Paula Patton-they looked absolutely stunning and even better together.

Continuing with the Disney princess theme and the high fashion world, I thought I’d share these Hayden Williams originals. Although they are not real Vogue covers, the hand drawn fashion illustrations remind me of some of the very first Vogue covers in the 18 hundreds. The use of simple lettering, the single image and effect water colours definitely takes it back. With such raw talent, Hayden converts our innocent childhood characters to fierce and fabulous Disney divas. Once again, I am amazed and can’t get enough.

Love it

Pic of the day!

Yes. Thats right, its a few of our favourite Disney princesses in high fashion. Fresh off the runway and looking absolutely fabulous.

From left to right we have; Jasmine in SS14 Alexander Wang, followed by Mulan in the creme de la creme, that is Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, next is Pocahontas in a saucy number by Givenchy and last but not least, is Ariel going for the classic look, in Saint Laurent.

Personally, I think this sketch is amazing. I love it. Who would have thought characters from our childhood could be fashion icons today. Forget Carrie Bradshaw, its about to get Sex and the City, fairytale style!

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