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So  I know its been a while (a long long while) but I’m back and so is the VFTT. After almost a year of not having travelled any where, I thought it was time for a break a way- in the Sun of course. A lover of all things exotic, culture and beautiful landscape, I spent 10 amazing days in Bali, Indonesia. After my trip to Thailand in 2013, I know i’d be back to South-East Asia in no time and with only 10 days to spare this time, I know i’ll be back again.

Capturing moments, experiences and tropical element; through vibrant colours, nature and pre-summer time vibes; these View From the Top shots are just a snippet of my first trip to Bali.

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With parents who both love to travel and enjoy getting out of the hustle and bustle of London every now and then; I was always going to be a traveller. Especially since my mum and dad went backpacking across The States and came back with a bump; (i.e. Me); therefor there  is no question about it; I was made to travel! Its simply my destiny; to go see the world and to explore!

Even though I have been here and there, until last month I was unable to mark Asia off my map; but now having travelled up and down Thailand for a month, I can finally check it off my list.

Whilst I had an amazing time, my Thailand experience went a little different than expected. As beautiful as it is, I found myself constantly seeking out the “googled” images! The clear blue waters and white sandy beaches surrounded by mountain , majestic tigers playing with humans, happy elephants spraying water at tourists and fancy elephant rides. Although I captured and documented these snaps through; the beauty of Maya Bay, Pileh Lagoon and Phiphi island, together with tame tigers and little elephants; my experience behind and in front of the camera was an eye opener. More than just a vacation, but really seeing a place for what it is, it was definetly a step away from your typical holiday brochure.

Having bought a backpack,stayed in a hostel and spent 14 hours on a sleeper train, this was my first trip that I can actually say “I travelled”. Yes, it had its difficulties, but I did it and I am ready to do it again. I’ve well and truly caught the travel bug!

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to go to Thailand. To see the tigers, ride the elephants, eat the food, sun bathe on the white sandy beaches and swim in clear blue waters. And now I can say it; “been there, done that…Got the stamps too!” -Maybe its the traveller in me, but I actually get really excited about getting stamps in my passport. Doesn’t matter how near or far, if I’m crossing an ocean, border or state, I want a stamp. With this said, my current passport expires in 2019, so that give me 6 years to fill it. Where to next eh?

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Despite the fact I am an avid traveler, I have never done the whole “backpack” thing. Yet. As much as I love to see new places, embrace and experience different cultures and surroundings, I always told myself I wasn’t the backpacking kind. Emphasis on the BACKPACK. I am more of a hand bag and heels kinda gal, so the idea of any kind of ruck sack did not appeal to me. At all! Even though I always knew I wanted to travel and go from one place to another; week-by-week and day-by-day; whether it is a plane, train, boat, bus or automobile; I always imagined myself pulling my big pink suitcase behind me. Not a large RUCK SACK, that’s more than half my size.

Ignorance aside, I have come to face the truth, the harsh reality and to do the right thing. Yep, I did it. I bought a damn back pack. And it makes its debut in 2 days. As excited as I am to hit south-east Asia, I am scared for my back. Can you believe it? Of all the horror stories, dirty hostels, creepy crawlies, foreign ghettos and weird food; the thing I fear most is the health of my poor back and also what an idiot I am going to look like with that thing strapped to me. I’m hoping it’s not going to be on my back for too long at a time, but then again, I am an ity-bity thing, so just making it down 4 flights of stairs to the front door is going to be enough for me. So wish me luck!

Whilst I am leaving my Marc Jacobs bags, Louboutins and pretty pink suit case behind, I still plan to be as fabulous as ever. Who knows I may pick up some more designer goodies on my travels. So I say, let the games begin….

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