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When they talk about fashion and being alternative they mean the David Bowies, Lady Gagas, Susie Bubbles and Jeremy Scotts but when they talk about food and being alternative this is what they mean…

…And if they remade Breakfast at Tiffany’s I’m sure this multicoloured bagel would make its Hollywood debut!

Admittedly, these bagels looked rather odd at a first glance; (just like alternative fashion) for the obvious reasons of confusion (also like alternative fashion), but with that second (or fifth) look, it really is something spectacular! Its hard to tell what the baker (and fashion designer alike) was going for. Is it sweet or is it savoury? (is it cool and quirky?) Is it flavoured and artificial? Full of E numbers or super foods? (Statement making, attention seeking, or just out right fashionable and trendy?) And the underlining question; how? How did they do it? Just, how? Quite literally; “food for thought” -wouldn’t you say? (The same goes for fashion and how certain looks get pulled off? Especially the weird and “alternative” ones?)

But back to bagels, I still do not have an answer to that questions, however I can tell you that all the colourful swirls aside, it tasted like a regular plain bagel. No added flavours (to which I was happy about) and no confusion of taste nor an imprint of colour(s) left on my tongue. So all in all a pretty amazing bagel, considering it looked super cool! Far from your average bagel yet it tasted exactly like your average bagel-its a win, win! This is where my inner nerd meets my inner fatty- I mean foodie! And I love it! I mean how can you go wrong when food looks and tastes so good! (At a second glance, that is!)  #FoodPorn

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Admittedly, I am a lover of all things Minion and naturally; as a fashion enthusiast; i’m obsessed with shoes. Particularly those with a heel and designer label-guilty. However, ironically these Rupert Sanderson Limited edition, Minion inspired court shoes, are not doing it for me. Yes, they are quirky and cool, just not the statement piece for me. I’m all for a good statement piece, and whilst that may consist of a colour pop and the weird and wonderful; I reckon these are just a step too far for me.

With that said, if money was not object and I had a few trendy/edgy places to go to, I could make it work. I can see them being pulled off, with either a black or white knee length shift dress, or an equally mono-chrome ensemble of skinny jeans, a crop top and long sleeveless blazer. Having just visualised the above, i’m kind of, sort of, maybe changing my mind about these bazaar shoes! With the right outfit and of course the right place to go; they’re not half bad. #MinionNation.


Coming from Brazil where the merchandise is far less authentic, I went a little crazy when I got to Peru. From traditional stripped gringo trousers, the cutest fabric backpacks, alpaca jumpers, blankets, scarfs and socks to pretty patterned purses, quirky leather handbags and funky footwear; I’ve become obsessed. I mean how can I not? Everything is so awesome. The bright colours. The cool textiles. The unbelievably soft baby lama apparel. The unique patterns. The authentic essence. I love it all and I can not get enough.

So I’ve gone passed denial and reached acceptance now, because since landing in Peru I haven’t managed to walk through a single textiles market and not buy a thing. After holding back my shopping addiction for 10 weeks, I’ve well and truly had a relapse- now I have no control. So yes, I’ve become a market junkie.

I’m not quite sure why or how I’ve gone back to embracing my inner shopaholic; it’s not like I’ve been able to walk into Zara, Topshop or Selfridges in the past 3 months. Nevertheless, I now have two pieces of extra luggage filled with South American goodies and I can’t wait to get home and utilise them all. I’m actually quite looking forward to summer in the UK. With less than 3 weeks to go; bring it on!

Even the vandalism is beautiful. Yes the UK have Banksy; and don’t get me wrong he is a creative genius; but there is something about the colours and imagery of graffiti in South America that just excites me. The way they some how fit in with their surroundings is pretty cool too, since this denotes more visual impact. The layers of colour, tone and shape create a sense of depth that brings out the vibrancy of each image; making them all the more awesome and worthwhile when coming to a standstill to gaze at.



Throughout my school life I took a keen interest in art-did well in it in fact! But now I’ve seemed to have lost my way. Guilty. Gradually over time, Selfridges and Vogue, fashion has taken over. And I love it; I do; but art is still the driver. I mean look at the Rob Pruitt and Jimmy Choo capsule collection in 2012, Mark Titchner and Mary Kantrantzou collaboration also in 2012, the James Nares as well as Hugo Guiness for Coach collections and the Damien Hirst/ Levi’s jeans collab. The list goes on. Not forgetting Louis Vuitton; the number one art inspired fashion house; all you have to do is look at Louis Vuitton to know where art meets fashion. The French fashion house has had collaborations with multiple artists including: Retna, Aiko and Os Gemeos, Dinos and Jake Chapman, Richard Prince, Daniel Buren, Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami. Art, art,art. So many designers take inspirations from art, implicate art, refer back to art and more than anything, they embrace art. It’s the ‘art and soul.

As an art enthusiast, I can’t help but be attracted and reeled back in. So far on this South American adventure there has been a couple of galleries, a lot of street art vendors with collections of their unique creations and of course literal street art-in the form of graffiti. Every time; either the colours, texture or imagery capture my attention and that’s it, I’m gone. Every time. Personally, I’m a sucker for abstract art and modern art, so where there is the slightest splash of colour or visually stimulating imagery, I’m like a moth to a flame!

So here they are; some of the ‘art and soul so far:


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After weeks of waiting, it is final here; Marc By Marc Jacobs first beauty collection.  With an amazing clothing collections, magnificent bags, adorable purses and pretty shoes; season after season Marc Jacobs delivers; so it was only a matter of time before he joined YSL, Dior and Chanel on the make-up counter. For years Marc By Marc Jacobs has designed make-up bags and now its time to fill those bags. From mascara, to lip gloss, foundation, eye shadow and lip stick; as of today, consider that make-up bag full.

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