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**When they ask if you do DIY around the house!**

When it comes to high fashion, as much as it can be very classic and couture, it can also be very alternative to say the least. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t walk down the street with a toolbox, but a Chanel toolbox inspired bag; why not! Its different thats for sure and being rather simple yet bold, it certainly is a statement piece, I’d like to rock!

#DIY Fashion at its Finest!

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…I love, love, love, this Chanel quilted lambskin backpack in classic black. These days I’ve been obsessed with backpacks and this Chanel checks all the boxes. Granted, it is a little on the large side, but I’m not complaining- I mean how can you not love it?!

The perfect combination of streetwear and high fashion, this is not your average drawstring bag; this is where sportswear meets fashion and I cannot get enough!

The lambskin leather backpack is designed in reflection of your traditional drawstring bag, featuring a quilted leather flap, finished with Chanel’s signature CC closure clasp and classic gold chain straps. There are also two open pockets on the back and the inside is lined with black fabric! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; how can you not love it?



lost for words

lost for words

Did i mention that when i went to New York I did the cliched “hollywood movie” thing; I fell in LOVE!

Madly in Love with a Chanel bag. Not just any ole Chanel bag, but The ONE! I’ve gazed at and daydreamed over many Chanel bags in my time; but this BEAUTY I’d never seen before. From the moment she was taken out of the cabinet and handed to me with such trust, I knew she was the ONE. Small but not too small. Classic black. Double-up chain. Black and Gold. She was perfect.

There was only one problem though. My most common problem of all. The “story of my life” kind of problem: I couldn’t afford her. Not yet anyway. But for $4200 and after doing the maths and working it out to £2800, I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t consider it, because I did. It was either buy the most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen and don’t go traveling, or Promise the bag I’d be back and settle for a cheap back pack and carnival in Rio.

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