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Celebrating 20 years of Hugo Boss, the Saatchi Gallery represents the brands’s creativity and innovation through an artistic exhibition. With digital instillations, abstract structures, uv lights and unique paint work, Hugo Boss show off 2 decades of red inspiration through the “Red Never Follows” exhibit.

As a contemporary fashion brand, the Hugo Boss exhibition featured contemporary art, graphics and digital media!

Whilst I am an avid fashionista, I have always had a keen interest in art, so seeing the 2 come together was pretty cool.

The Perfect Diet Coke

The Perfect Diet Coke

My dedication to Marc Jacobs has me buying Diet Coke. I don’t even drink Coke. Even as one who always take the sugar-free, less fat, diet, lite, extra lite and what ever has the least calories option; Diet Coke has never really floated my boat. But celebrating 30 years of the sugarless Brown fizz (Diet Coke) and with Marc Jacobs as the new creative director, I was not about to walk passed these limited edition beauties without picking one or two or three up!

There are 3 different designs, one for each decade that Diet Coke has graced us with its presence; 80s, 90s and 00s. Personally, as a 90s baby, this one is of course my fav and just because its the nicest!

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