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Even the vandalism is beautiful. Yes the UK have Banksy; and don’t get me wrong he is a creative genius; but there is something about the colours and imagery of graffiti in South America that just excites me. The way they some how fit in with their surroundings is pretty cool too, since this denotes more visual impact. The layers of colour, tone and shape create a sense of depth that brings out the vibrancy of each image; making them all the more awesome and worthwhile when coming to a standstill to gaze at.



Love it

Pic of the day!

Yes. Thats right, its a few of our favourite Disney princesses in high fashion. Fresh off the runway and looking absolutely fabulous.

From left to right we have; Jasmine in SS14 Alexander Wang, followed by Mulan in the creme de la creme, that is Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, next is Pocahontas in a saucy number by Givenchy and last but not least, is Ariel going for the classic look, in Saint Laurent.

Personally, I think this sketch is amazing. I love it. Who would have thought characters from our childhood could be fashion icons today. Forget Carrie Bradshaw, its about to get Sex and the City, fairytale style!

John Lewis 8

Selfridges 6

With the holiday season creeping up on us; every retailer, department store, magazine stand and waffle cart along Oxford Street have put up their creative lights, sparkly tinsel and fancy baubles to embrace this festive time of year. Having said this, there are only 2 retailers that caught my eye and are really doing it for me. Naturally, Selfrideges are in the running, because let’s face it; that’s what they do all year round. Therefore the most magical time of year is not going to be any different; and if it is, it is most defiantly going to be better-different. Moving on and about 700 yards up the road, John Lewis have pulled out all the stops to draw in every onlooker this Christmas.

From the luxury haven that brought the big yellow iconic paper bag to the high street to the family-feel department store that brought us the “most adored” Christmas TV ad of the noughties; the two retailers battle for 2013’s window display lime light. Having previously been the street’s main attraction, Selfrideges’s ooh so famous window displays experience some competition as more and more passer-byers stop to snap the windows at John Lewis on London’s Oxford street.

Personally, I love Selfridges’s artistic flare; and like most; I have always adored their creative efforts, but taking the bus through Oxford street everyday, twice a day; to and from work I am guilty to having looked and loved else where. John Lewis have done well. The retail giant has demonstrated creativity like no other. Using the simplest household utilities that include; hairbrushes, kettles, cleaning tool, hovers…(the list goes on), John Lewis have created festive creatures and sceneries to fill the display windows across their central London branch. The outcomes are absolutely amazing. Having said this and going back to the big and the yellow; Selfridges, implement snowy and Christmasy scenes throughout. Masses of ginger bread, fake snow, even more play dough, a giant YSL clutch and a snow globe that I could fit in; are just some of the fascinating props used within the famous ground floor display windows at Selfridges.

The busiest shopping district in the Capital is about to get even busier, as the Christmas rush starts. But who will get the most ratings, hash tags, likes and recognition from behind the glass, amongst the hundreds and thousands that pass through Oxford street snapping away this Christmas.

So Yesterday I FINALLY booked my summer holiday to Thailand. And i Can not wait. It was a well over due "thing" on my never ending "to do" list. But now its done, all i can do is count down the weeks. Despite this miserable weather that is so "Typical British" I can't help but look at all the summer goodies and skimpy little clothes for my South East Asia travels. Whilst I have been told (by many) that i have a "Problem", I am still overly obsessed with Marc Jacobs. I have come to the realisation that my black 'Natasha' MJ handbag will not suffice for the treks, day trips and wild nights out that Thailand has to offer. So when i came across this mint green Marc by Marc Jacobs tote, i knew it was the one (There goes another item on my wish list) . Tote-ally perfect for a beach bag don't you think?! #EXCITED

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