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VFTT 292 Tile Series 1.3

Across 2 years, 13 countries and 4 seasons, The View From The Top reaches over 300 posts. What started as an inspired photo challenge, has now become a visual journey of my travels as well as day to day living captured in squared snapshot views from the top!

Focused around imagery of the waist down (legs and feet), often featuring specific items/ objects (exotic fruit/ entry tickets) and more so, my surroundings (the beach/ landmarks); The VFTT takes on the same basic layout in every shot to express consistency across foreign settings and to explore a sense of creative consensus of different views. In other words, and something I picked up on my travels; Same Same but Different; The VFTT series could not be described any better!

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IMG_0424 IMG_0283

As summer approaches, so does the urgent desire to have that “bikini bod” and the need to look “summer-time-fine”; so I am sure I’m not the only one who is eating healthier, detoxing and exercising more with the promise of feeling good!

Although I am yet to start (maybe) the completely green detox juices/smoothies, I have jumped on the green drink bandwagon- I’m just mixing it slightly more and cutting out the kale! I know, I know, its a superfood and all and probably one of the most vital ingredients but I can’t- It’s just tastes awful. I’ll stick to the spinach and banana for now thanks! #GoingGreen

VFTT 88 Coffee Love

VFTT 88 Coffee Love

Almost an entire year later after starting The View from the Top project, the page has just published its 88th VFTT shot. Having paused ‘The View from the Top’ page for a while, I decided to update it and come back with a shot that describes my last month. With the holiday season amongst us, there is a lot to be grateful for and a lot to love. Surrounded by loved ones, the heart couldn’t be more ideal for the 88th shot. Even more to the point: coffee! With a month of full time work, early starts, long days and plenty of shifts; coffee was defiantly a mandatory element of the last month.

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My kind of “me time”.

As well as window shopping, actual shopping and being able to indulge in a delicious cake (or any dessert for that matter); art, galleries and exhibitons are also a part of my safe heaven. Especially abstract art, photography, impressionism, modern art and of course-anything fashion related.

As one of my favourite galleries, here are some pieces i found most interesting from my last visit to the Saatchi.

Until the end of the month, a corner shop in Hoxton has been transformed into a tactile showcase.

Artist, Lucy Sparrow has made replicas of over 4000 products all from felt and wool. From your favourite chocolate bar and other sugary treats, packets of crisp, canned goods, alcohol, cheeky pack of biscuits and Britain’s favourite condiments  to your daily newspaper, weekly mag, toiletry emergencies, bathroom essentials, childhood ice lollies and lazy weekday frozen food dinners; The Corner Shop has it all.

Set in an actual corner shop and laid out just like your local, “The Fluffy Shopping Experience” is complete with typical corner shop shelving, a functional till and counter, cigarette case, magazine/ newspaper stands, 2 freezers and a fridge.

Its quite surprising when you realise all the merchandise isn’t actually real. Yet at the same time, just as awesome if not better compared to your regular corner shop buys. Each piece has intricately been handmade; paying close attention to detail. The exhibit is pretty cool and definetly worth stopping by.

London bound? …visit the unique corner shop at E2 7BB


For more information check out the website

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