Catering to my addiction 


Orange is the new Black!


As well as having just started the Netflix series and becoming absolutely addicted, I have been a little obsessed with orange a while now. From an accessories colour pop to dresses, jumpers and jewellery; orange is definitely the new black.

With a trip to a designer outlet I purchased my latest Marc Jacobs editions; an orange leather clutch and a case for my new phone. Knowing my birthday was approaching, of course I convinced myself it was ok to spend and feed my Marc addiction. Guilty. However, with a new orange bag, needs a new pair of orange shoes, so here they are. The Balenciaga Glove wedge sandals in orange are one of my best designer buys to date-I love them. In regards to fashion, they are the epitome of “Orange is the new Black”! #Love

NEW Marc By Marc Jacobs Watches!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. This NEW beauty is one of my favourites from the new collection. If you’re as obsessed as I am or just the slightest bit curious, get online or to your nearest store/ concession today! #addicted


Pencil it in.

Perfect for marc’in the calendar.


Jacobs o’clock !

It’s evident that I’m obsessed with Marc Jacobs; I passed denial a long time ago; but now I’m approaching acceptance when it comes to my addiction with watches- yes, Marc Jacobs watches! Guilty! I’ve recently found my next purchase, well I’ve added it to the list, put it that way and I couldn’t be more excited. I love it! Made up of rose gold links, a teeny-tiny watch face and Jacobs’ attention to detail, the mini Marc by Marc Jacobs watch is the perfect combination of my current watch choice. It’s simple, it’s stylish and it’s everything I admire about Marc Jacobs!


Just Because…

…Being Mad about Marc Jacobs, means being able to take pleasure in the small (however not always cheap) things! It’s a pretty cool photo too-so why not?


Marc’in the end of NYFW

Fashion Marc Jacobs Spring 2015

Saving the best ’til last, Marc Jacobs ended New York Fashion Week Last night with a fantasy feel, dreamlike runway contrasted with his military inspired collection. The catwalk was more like a theatre set with a bright Barbie-pink house surrounded by matching plush pink carpet.

Complete with oversized garments, belted waists, just as oversized pockets and several 3D polka-dots, Jacobs brought a 60s military feel to the runway -with a twist. With a muted colour pallet that consisted of navy, ivory, cream, brown and khaki, together with the texture created by the oversized polk-dots and nipped in waist; S/S15 is going to be an interesting one.

As always Marc Jacobs pays exceptionally close attention to detail. Although he explores bold detailing, he still sticks to simplicity and class; to which I admire most about Jacobs as a designer. Having left Louis Vuitton almost a year ago now, he is able to dedicate his time to his own brands; remaining unique and style focused.

Even though there are times I am not completely in love with his collections or can not see myself wearing a particular garment, I can not fault Mr. Jacobs for his consistency and creative edge.

Summer’s here: The Marc of Summer!

With the end of June slowly approaching and the weather on the up, it’s official; British summer is actually here. After 4 months in South America (majority in the sun) to having to spend my entire summer in London where “typical British weather” and rain are notorious, I was suspicious about the summer months. Nevertheless, sandal season is upon us and what better way to go about it than with an awesome pair of Marc Jacobs gold buckle up flats, matched with a colour-pop side bag. The foiled texture of the metallic shoes can complete a casual summertime-fine outfit; with a simple yet fashionable influence. Furthermore, the block-colour circular side bag is a perfect match with the geometric quilted detailing adding to the simply yet sophisticated look.


love love love! 

Ok, so maybe I do already have this watch, but in my defence it is a different colour. This burgundy shade is completely different. No? Obsessed with most things Marc, I just adore his attention to detail, especially for something so tiny and almost delicate. It’s simple and minimalistic design is still very much fashionable, classy and definitely must-have! The rose gold fits perfectly with the red wine face and leather strap. Admittedly it is more A/W, nevertheless it could be pulled off all year round.


It been a year! 

So saturday (9th November) marced yet another special day; My Birthday! 22..Meh. As much as i am so over birthdays now, one thing remains a highlight. CAKE. Yes, cake cake and more cake. Whats even better is my Marc Jacobs obsession is so explicit to everyone, even my birthday cake is Marc Jacobs. -jealous much?

Its that "time" again: birthday time and cake time, ooh and marc jacobs time !!

Its that “time” again: birthday time and cake time, ooh and marc jacobs time !!

I told you i was "mad about marc"

I told you i was “mad about marc”

Making A Marc on the Runway at NYFW

Yes, he’s done it again. Keeping it fairly simple yet a casual elegance, Marc Jacobs presents a rather silky, shiny and sparkly collection for Spring Summer 2014. Admittedly, some of his designs that feature excessive amounts of satin and silk do resemble pyjama bottoms; nevertheless It works and I like it.

Along with the silky trouser suit, Jacobs goes for the 118 look with a red and white sporty shorts and jacket ensemble. Continuing the all-in-one trend, Marc Jacobs also has a few jump suits in his SS14 collection; some that follow his silk/satin theme and others that lead with sparkle, glitz and glam. Of course the fabulous collection was not complete without a classy knee-length long-sleeve dress; bringing a touch of mono chrome to the catwalk.

Although it is not usually my cup of tea, partly due to the pyjama “look” but also for the simple fact that I can not sit in silk; without either naturally sliding about the place or at least having the urge to; it is growing on me. Its interesting and I’m intrigued to see it worn off of the runway and more to the point it is MARC JACOBS!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Beauty Range

After weeks of waiting, it is final here; Marc By Marc Jacobs first beauty collection.  With an amazing clothing collections, magnificent bags, adorable purses and pretty shoes; season after season Marc Jacobs delivers; so it was only a matter of time before he joined YSL, Dior and Chanel on the make-up counter. For years Marc By Marc Jacobs has designed make-up bags and now its time to fill those bags. From mascara, to lip gloss, foundation, eye shadow and lip stick; as of today, consider that make-up bag full.

I just can not do it!

As fascinated as I am by all the designer fakes I’ve seen out here in South East Asia, when it comes to Marc Jacobs I just can’t do it. It hurts to even see them. I can understand the Chanels, Celines and Cartiers; because lets face it; there is only a minority of  fortunate people who can actually afford the real deal, but when it comes to Mr. Jacobs it is definitely a “no no” for me.


Little Pink Bag


So I caved. Bought another Marc Jacobs bag. This time its a pretty little pink one. Well when i say ‘little’, i mean tiny. Every time i look at it i’m sure it shrinks a bit and then a bit more. Nevertheless, its too adorable not to love. And hey, so long as  it fits my phone, keys, pass, purse and of course some food, then its my kind of bag. Whats more it is perfect for a little pop of colour. Bring on spring/ summer 13.

Trip to New York
Click Here for more Marc Jacobs goodies from the BIG APPLE!

Marc Jacobs Soho

Marc Jacobs Soho

Marc Jacobs NY

Marc Jacobs NY

Fashion walk of fame

Fashion walk of fame

New Watches are in….



Bright much ?

New Marc by Marc Jacobs collection

I know I am insanely obsessed with Marc Jacobs, but this new Classic Q collection actually hurt my eyes when i walked pasted it on my way to work today. Yes I love it, but admittedly it is a little bright. Nevertheless the brighter pantone has come just in time for SS13, so despite this horrible weather that is not yet Spring nor Summer, there quite literally is a “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Selfridges Window Display

The love for Marc Jacobs is endless and the pink neon lights certainly do Marc by Marc Jacobs justice.

Selfridges display window.

My Obsession had to start somewhere

Fashion isn’t a necessity. It pulls at your heart. It’s a whim. You don’t need it. You want” –Marc Jacobs 

As much as i don’t want to believe that we do not NEED fashion, it is true and I’m Guilty!  I want it!
whilst we may live on a planet as materialistic as this one, Fashion is more than materialism. Fashion is a life style and a life style that so many of us crave. When you set your heart on something as beautiful as a designer bag, you can not let it go until its hanging firmly on your shoulder.

you can never go wrong with a classic.

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