Best Kebab Everrrr!

I tasted the best kebab of my life on a recent (and first) trip to Berlin. In fact it was my very first time in Germany and I can happily say ‘I’d go back’! After being told that apart from the obvious; German sausage; a kebab was strangely enough the”thing” to eat in Berlin, I was up for the challenge. The food challenge that is! I was told that a ‘Vegetable kebab (chicken optional)” is the so called delicacy- as someone who only eats chicken and fish, I couldn’t be more delighted. #NoRedMeatHere

Anyway, to cut to the chase; we took a train, a bus and then walked for 20 minutes from one side of Berlin to the other; before standing in the rain for half an hour, queueing for this amazing vegetable (and chicken) kebab! Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap to be precise – and it was all worth it. With a slim choice of wrap or sandwich; of course I opted for the bigger option and went all the way; adding the chicken for the complete experience. “Party in my mouth” experience- and I can 100%, hand on heart, say this is one of the best dishes I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting! (Added to the list) Berlin I love you!

As you can see, the warm fresh bread was pasted (yes with a brush) with about 3 different homemade sauces (some sort of yoghurt, garlic and herb sauces from what I could tell- and taste!), then went in the seasoned grilled veg, classic thinly sliced rotisserie style chicken, followed by some crispy salad and finally topped with what I can only assume was feta cheese (or feta cheese family) and fresh herbs; ooh and how can I forget the wedge-like delicious potatoes – yum! Absolutely mouthwatering! It was the right amount of everything and all so perfectly balanced. The flavours complemented each other and the taste was unbelievable! #GiveMeAnotherBite

VFTT 345 German Kebab - Yum

VFTT 345 German Kebab – Yum

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