“Feel” like something from the shop?

Until the end of the month, a corner shop in Hoxton has been transformed into a tactile showcase.

Artist, Lucy Sparrow has made replicas of over 4000 products all from felt and wool. From your favourite chocolate bar and other sugary treats, packets of crisp, canned goods, alcohol, cheeky pack of biscuits and Britain’s favourite condiments  to your daily newspaper, weekly mag, toiletry emergencies, bathroom essentials, childhood ice lollies and lazy weekday frozen food dinners; The Corner Shop has it all.

Set in an actual corner shop and laid out just like your local, “The Fluffy Shopping Experience” is complete with typical corner shop shelving, a functional till and counter, cigarette case, magazine/ newspaper stands, 2 freezers and a fridge.

Its quite surprising when you realise all the merchandise isn’t actually real. Yet at the same time, just as awesome if not better compared to your regular corner shop buys. Each piece has intricately been handmade; paying close attention to detail. The exhibit is pretty cool and definetly worth stopping by.

London bound? …visit the unique corner shop at E2 7BB


For more information check out the website www.sewyoursoul.co.uk

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