The List




imageChecking off the “7 wonders” of my world. Yep, my world. There are so many variations I decided to come up with my own- well, places on my bucket list that make me “wonder” how long until I get to tick them off.

In the last 3 months I have been able to tick Brazil off my list, because let’s face it them beautiful people, popular beaches and so called “danger” zone is a wonder in itself that I just had to see for myself. Admittedly there were times I didn’t feel the safest but I had to experience it for me in order to stop wondering, start living and being able to say “been there, done that”. The Iguazu Falls also got checked off, with two ticks; just because it was so amazing. Plus it only just got on the list a year ago because before that I was clueless, so I got to appreciate it even more. Tick, tick. The most recent place I can stop wondering about and get to mark as done is Peru’s gringo (tourist/ foreigner) calling; Machu Picchu.

Wow, wow, wow and wow again. Another breath taking view- in both respects; so beautiful and unreal to gaze at, yet to get to such heights the climb certainly made me breathless (quite literally taking my breath away). Ok, so I didn’t do the Inca Trail, but I still had to make my way to the top like everyone else; and to be honest, I’d have only been kidding myself and crying for four days if I even entertained the idea of such craziness.

Back to Machu Picchu. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; wow, wow, wow and wow again. It was just b-e-a-utiful! I have never been surrounded by so many mountains. Nor have I been up so early, (4am) and thought damn, this is so worth it. Driving up and around the mountains at the crack of dawn, I thought I was on a film set or something; entering Jurassic park or Pandora and waiting for some mystical creature or dinosaur to come flying out at me. It really was quite a picture and not a single one of the ones I took can portray what I’ve seen. Mother Nature certainly is a beauty and I can not wait to see what else she has me wondering about, because I have well and truly caught the travel bug, so I’m sure she will strike again. Without further ado; watch this space!


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