The ‘art and soul!

Throughout my school life I took a keen interest in art-did well in it in fact! But now I’ve seemed to have lost my way. Guilty. Gradually over time, Selfridges and Vogue, fashion has taken over. And I love it; I do; but art is still the driver. I mean look at the Rob Pruitt and Jimmy Choo capsule collection in 2012, Mark Titchner and Mary Kantrantzou collaboration also in 2012, the James Nares as well as Hugo Guiness for Coach collections and the Damien Hirst/ Levi’s jeans collab. The list goes on. Not forgetting Louis Vuitton; the number one art inspired fashion house; all you have to do is look at Louis Vuitton to know where art meets fashion. The French fashion house has had collaborations with multiple artists including: Retna, Aiko and Os Gemeos, Dinos and Jake Chapman, Richard Prince, Daniel Buren, Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami. Art, art,art. So many designers take inspirations from art, implicate art, refer back to art and more than anything, they embrace art. It’s the ‘art and soul.

As an art enthusiast, I can’t help but be attracted and reeled back in. So far on this South American adventure there has been a couple of galleries, a lot of street art vendors with collections of their unique creations and of course literal street art-in the form of graffiti. Every time; either the colours, texture or imagery capture my attention and that’s it, I’m gone. Every time. Personally, I’m a sucker for abstract art and modern art, so where there is the slightest splash of colour or visually stimulating imagery, I’m like a moth to a flame!

So here they are; some of the ‘art and soul so far:


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