Just popping to the Supermarket for a new Chanel…

…if only! Can you imagine?! Ooh the joys. If Chanel was stocked at my local supermarket and it was within my weekly shop budget, it would definitely be on the list. More than once too.

I know I am a bit late on the up take; I missed the memo; but it goes without saying that ‘he did it again!’. Yes, Karl Lagerfeld has amazed us all yet again; with such an unusual runway set, creative contrast (groceries and household essentials with high fashion) and a one-of-a-kind show, plus a fabulous collection; this year’s first Paris Fashion Week had everyone ecstatic at the Chanel show. I’m not surprised to be honest. When has Mr. Lagerfeld ever failed us?! He may be 80, but he is a creative genius. Although I missed PFW this year and didn’t cover the week’s events, I always look forwards to the Chanel show and was gutted to find out I miss this.

It’s all kicking off! Continuing from the Couture collection earlier this year; Karl remained consistent with his models’ footwear; as they all wore trainers down the runway. Going for the urban street style look, these talked about kicks have bought an edginess to Chanel’s recent catwalks and will no doubt have the same effect on the rest of high fashion for the coming seasons.

Whilst the runway’s set was the talk of the town, Chanel’s signature tweed, classic black, trademark chains and vibrant colours are what completed the Phenomenal show. With Cara Delevingne leading the show, the French fashion house saw an array of colours take to the runway to complete the Autumn/ Winter collection. Starting with a lot of candy pinks, plum purples and deep reds followed. Despite the AW season, the collection had more bright colours than expected; from orange, yellow and lime green; the catwalk also had several multi coloured ensembles. And of course no Chanel show is complete without the trademark monochrome look as well as the traditional (all) black outfits. In the same way, nothing says Chanel more than a classic Coco style suit; this time in candy pink; it’s just what AW 2014 needs.

Designed for the colder months, the collection included many oversized coats and jackets as well as leggings and jumper suits, all-in-ones, polo necks, other high neck designs, tweed trousers and long sleeved gloves. Fitting in with the edgy urban look, the collection also showed off plenty of metallics, leather bottoms and chain embellishments.

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My favourite piece was the red (and purple) tweed blend overall, since the choice of material used with such attire was extremely unusual, nevertheless I loved it. As an overcoat or an entire outfit, it looks quite awkward but that’s what makes it unique – whoever said fashion was ordinary. I also liked the bright (orange, yellow and green) woollen coats because of their oversized structure and abstract patterned multi coloured linings. The clever basket type Chanel bags were also a personal highlight; they fit so well with the supermarket theme and what’s more, they were so creatively done. Genius!

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