And so it begins…

Press pass-LFW

Press pass-LFW

So I managed to get myself into London Fashion Week[end]. Press pass and all- Woopi! I am pretty proud of myself; I just hope its not a one hit wonder but the first of many to come.

Taking on the cobbles at Somerset House in my Zara heels, I made my way passed (to the front of) the long queue, behind the barrier and into fashion paradise. From obvious designer wear, to alternative styles and up and coming brands; I couldn’t keep in eyes in one place; not for too long anyway. The distractions were insane.

As I made my way around the venue I picked up all the freebies that i could but had to hold back on purchasing any goodies. As hard as it was, I had to be sensible and stop myself. Whilst one can never (ever) have too many clothes, I couldn’t let my addiction take over. Nevertheless; going from room to room and browsing through rail to rail; I became inspired. Inspired by the fashion and inspired to really succeed, do well and be fabulous so that I can acquire such fashion amenities.

Although I didn’t quite get to see the show I originally wanted to see, I still had entry into LFW- for free! and had awesome time. Besides this is just the start and the best is yet to come so watch this space!

  1. That must of been such a great opportunity to be considered press especially just after Fashion week itself. Thank you for the follow, I hope you enjoy my blog/site 🙂

    • It was a fulfilling experience. I just hope it’s not a once off. That’s ok, thank you too. Will do. 🙂

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