The Bigger, the Better: Size 16s in the Spotlight!

So its been a week since high street retailer, Debenhams brought the plus size model to the British high street. As controversial as this subject is, especially when it comes to fashion, what does everybody think? For years now, “size zero” has been the ultimate portrayal of beauty. But i’m sure many will agree with me, when i say this is not true. Yes, it is what we all “look up to”, but this is only because the media, the high street and the catwalk has led us to believe this.

Walk down any high street, through any town centre and around any shopping mall, what do you see? Every single window display and in-store visual merchandise presents the female body as a n average size 8-10. When in fact, ( I learnt something new here too), the average dress size amongst women in Britain is actually a size 16. Yes Sixteen. Not a 12, not a 14, but 3 sizes above general representation; a size 16.

From Topshop, to Zara, to M&S, to H&M, to Selfridges and so on, all mannequins were alike. Until last week when retail giant, Debenhams thought big and bold; by introducing the plus size model to the British high street; through the contrasting use of size 16 mannequins. Whilst this retail department store have made the change, will it be considered a trend setter, a phase or a bright idea in a black and white world; not taken seriously.

Lets face it, when it comes to the term “the bigger, the better” the fashion industry only take it so far. It only becomes literal with imagination, elaboration and frills. Yes, back In 2010 Mark Fast incorporated plus size models into his Spring Summer show, down the runway at London Fashion week, and Yes, Karl Lagerfeld half-heartedly apologised for calling Adele “Fat”, but when will we ever truly accepted the “different”.

Admittedly, i am of the smaller variety, but there is nothing wrong with embracing the curves or being that much bigger than everyone else. I should know, I come from a family of the 3 Bs; Big (hips), Boobs and Bums. I always thought: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”. So what good is it, if you do not “got it“, what you gonna flaunt then? -Just saying.

what do you think?

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