…Back to nature!

IMG_5670 IMG_5671 IMG_5673

Typically we think of the cycle as; trees-to-paper, however another great exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery presents these paper bags back in a variation of their some what natural forms. Its a trees-to-paper and back-to-trees story. From a Sephora paper bag to Marc Jacobs and Christian Dior paper bags, the artistic genius that is Yuken Teruya works ever so delicately to create these phenomenal pieces. The paper bags have been cut to not only create a silhouette of a tree but to form a miniature 3D tree within said paper bag-using the same cutout. I have never seen anything quite like them; they are without a doubt amazing.

Teruya’s work is extremely fragile, yet so interesting, unique and creative; all you want to do is reach out and touch it, but because of the fragility the risk outweighs the temptation. The abstract idea that takes paper back to its natural form; through such an interesting and inspirational method; conveys a well thought through creative concept. Furthermore, the use of such well known brands not only suggests, but confirms  a sense of brilliance; to engage the onlooker.

what do you think?

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