Giles hits the runway again…

After a week of hanging outside Somerset House and watching everyone else enter the pearly gates; today was my day; my day to sit front row (well almost) at a fashion show. Even though when I purchased my ticket I intentionally selected ‘designer’ for the show I wanted to see, I only found out this morning that the designer show would be Giles Deacon. Waiting in the queue, i was most pleased to find out I would be sitting in the audience of such a fabulous British designer, at his Spring/ Summer 2014 show.

Giles’s collection was glamourous enough for the red carpet yet casual enough to be worn with a giant beanie hat. The gowns featured were pretty awesome; with lots of gold, sparkle and metallic embellishments. The prints used were also at the same level of high fashion excellence. Giles made the outfits even more unique with alternative wooly hat for a Spring Summer season. Nevertheless this is what made the collection so interesting and some what complete.

CHECK OUT A VIDEO FROM THE SHOW; By Clicking the link below!

Giles Deacon @ London Fashion Weekend

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