The ONE!

lost for words

lost for words

Did i mention that when i went to New York I did the cliched “hollywood movie” thing; I fell in LOVE!

Madly in Love with a Chanel bag. Not just any ole Chanel bag, but The ONE! I’ve gazed at and daydreamed over many Chanel bags in my time; but this BEAUTY I’d never seen before. From the moment she was taken out of the cabinet and handed to me with such trust, I knew she was the ONE. Small but not too small. Classic black. Double-up chain. Black and Gold. She was perfect.

There was only one problem though. My most common problem of all. The “story of my life” kind of problem: I couldn’t afford her. Not yet anyway. But for $4200 and after doing the maths and working it out to £2800, I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t consider it, because I did. It was either buy the most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen and don’t go traveling, or Promise the bag I’d be back and settle for a cheap back pack and carnival in Rio.

what do you think?

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