#Story of my life!

#story of my life

#story of my life

Living the life of a student is great, but there are ALWAYS those horrible times of year when “Stress” is my middle name!

Yep those dreaded exam periods; and just after Christmas; talk about ‘Happy New Year’….is it?
What I’d do to be a kid again eh. Stress free, full of energy and I’d get to run around in colorful rain again! I mean who didn’t love doing that? lol. Anyway, I really like this picture and thought it pretty much sums up the my life right now!

However….What I need to do is go shopping. Hit me up with a dose of retail therapy and then I’ll feel better. I’ve got 10 days to go and 2 weeks til payday. I’m just counting down the days.

what do you think?

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