Online VS Instore…?!?!

Regardless of which Hemisphere you’re in, fashionistas all over the world are constantly on the hunt for the best deals.

I recently caught up with my fellow fashion blogger; Joshua Schaberg founder of “Metallic Dapper” (you really ought to check out his blog and follow here) to discuss our shopping habits and the million dollar topic; In-store Vs. Online?

Whether you’re a vintage market huntsman, a department shopaholic or an online junkie, here are some of our thoughts on the pro’s and con’s of each:


Does Online do it for you?


Do you prefer In-store too?

Whilst the Internet is fantastic and the fact that its 24-7-365 is amazing, when it comes to shopping for fashion, we most definitely agree and prefer shopping in-store. To really see our purchases. To touch them. To hold them and feel them!  Don’t get us wrong; We do enjoy clicking away and filling up our basket in the comfort of our own homes, but the level satisfaction just isn’t the same.

Of course there’s that moment when the doorbell rings and it’s the postman, who for those 2 minutes just so happens to be your favorite person. All because you had been waiting the entire day for that one special package, which had an ETA between 10am-4pm; and obviously it arrived bang on 3:58pm! Yes, that rush of excitement and adrenaline is fantastic, (the type that makes you fall up the stairs, just so you can open it quicker) but why put yourself through the wait, if you can feel that excitement 3-5 days earlier; minus P&P!

It is about the instant satisfaction shopping on the high street, a mall or department store brings. It’s that silly grin you have on your face when the cashier hands you your bag(s). It’s the joys of retail therapy; socializing, singing along to background music, sometimes dancing (especially if you’re Joshua), spending hours in and out of fitting rooms (indecisive as hell if your anything like me) and best of all-carrying all those glorious shopping bags!

I mean what would the world be like, if we watched Carry Bradshaw sit at home and shop online for 6 years? 

(Contributing writers were Savannah Charles and Joshua Schaberg from the Metallic Dapper )

what do you think?

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