Friends in High Places…

Ive been waiting for you

Ive been waiting for you

Finally mines! -Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch.

Finally mines! -Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch.

The saying “if its meant to be, it will be” couldn’t be more right. Ever since, I don’t know how long (probably because i didn’t have a watch to tell the time- lmao), I’ve been waiting for my watch. I mean how long is a girl supposed to wait for such a beauty, that is a Michael Kors; and its rose gold.Nevertheless I am forever grateful (thanks milz) and thank God for having such fantastic friends; who just so happen to have perks at work.

From treating myself over summer, to what could have been a 21st birthday present to myself, or maybe even a belated one, ended up as a “to me, from me” Christmas pressy. And I love it. Although I may have waited a while, it was all worth it. I’m working on being a patient girl because evidently, “Good things come to those who wait!”  

At the very start I decided i wanted a Marc Jacobs watch and set my heart on a rose gold one, then as collections came and went, I fell for the Michael Kors. Admittedly I was never keen on the Kors watches, because everybody had one and im just not that kind of girl. But then my Marc never showed again and the new Michael Kors collection graced us with its presence, so i went for it. Before i missed the opportunity again. Even though it may be common brand, this particular one is mine. And its perfect; the watch face it small enough, there are a few numbers so i don’t get too confused (hehe), its pretty, its glamorous, its rose gold and last but not least, it has just the right amount of ‘bling’ to be fabulous and not too over done. What do you think?

MK or Mj? what would you have chosen?

MK or Mj? what would you have chosen?

  1. Cass M said:

    Good choice, love it. I’ve been looking for a new watch and Michael Kors is the best I’ve seen so far

    • Thanks…i know, i really liked the Marc Jacobs, but the face was a bit big and no numbers. i say go for it 🙂

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