Ooh Chanel…Boxing Day Sales!

little yellow bag

little yellow bag

Chanel; our day will come

Chanel; our day will come

Boxing Day sales at Selfridges in central London were manic, crazy and unfair. Whilst many queued for the Chanels, Pradas, Mulberrys and Diors I have forever longed for, I could not afford such pleasures. As much as I wanted stay and look at the beautiful bags, the point of jealousy had come and gone before I even stepped into the designer jungle.

Although I may not have had the funds on this particular trip, even if I wanted to max my credit card and dip into my savings, I would have had to fight for the perfect bag, because at 11:15am in the middle of London, the floors of Selfridges had been raided hours before. Clearly I am not the serious shopper I thought I was. Waking up before 9am the after Christmas obviously was not early enough because eager shoppers had been queuing since dawn (if not before) to get their hands on discounted designer labels.

I’ve never believed in queuing; mainly because I have very little patience and think its crazy to willing wait and wait. But I will grow out of it one day. I have to, because the day I save enough for my first Chanel I will be one of those hardcore shoppers; napping at the double doors outside the store before opening hours; waiting and waiting to finally feel the leather luxury of my very own Chanel handbag hanging from my shoulder.

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”
—Ralph Lauren

Thus it is all worth it in the end. Either that or I win the Lottery, because I am a sucker for a barging, so even if I save down to the last penny, it wouldn’t hurt to get a little discount. That way I could get the matching purse!

Whats your view?

giant shoe full of pressies


Selfridges Sale.

Selfridges Sale.


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